I saw a UFO in Thailand Last Night…

UFO s and Aliens in Thailand?

Last night I went to the beach for sunset and took some photos of the islands and the sky as it turned orange and then pink. The moon was almost full and there was a lot of light left in the sky though where I was it was almost dark, the mountains blocking the sun.

Everyone that was on the beach started walking toward the parking lot and I noticed a bright light above me to the left. Hmm. Strange. It was white light – not yellow or orange. It didn’t seem to be focused at all as the intensity of the light never changed. It wasn’t clearly defined either. I’m guessing it was a circle – as the intensity around the object seemed to be the same too. It just looked like a floating white circle.

The light was bright. I’d guess 30 times more bright than the brightest star. It was brighter than the moon, though the diameter of the object was, at its closest point about 1/5th the size of the almost full moon at 6:30pm.

The light was moving. My first thought was – plane. A plane has white lights. There was no noise and the light never changed in intensity so I ruled out plane. Likewise, helicopter – which would have been heard, and which doesn’t have a light hanging off the bottom (usually) with intensity that doesn’t change. Though – I guess if it were high enough – like 5km high or something like that – and the props were impossible to hear – it could have been one. I’ve never seen a helicopter with a light hanging off the bottom. If it were a spotlight – as in a search and rescue helicopter I think I would have seen the beam focused downward of such a bright spotlight. There was no beam. The air was humid and thick – I think a beam would have been apparent. I’m sure it would have.

The light moved from about an 11:00 position the entire way across the horizon in about 90 seconds.

It didn’t seem to be moving fast when it was directly overhead, but faster than a jet would at 30,000 feet. Much faster than that. It wasn’t moving nearly as fast as a shooting star, just very slowly and on the same line. It didn’t change line. I held my hand on my head and lined up a finger on it to see how it moved in relation to my hand. It moved in a straight line. Though, just looking at it without this aid – I thought it was zigging around a little bit. Perhaps an illusion.

I watched as it went from 11oclock position to 1 oclock position. There were some low level clouds and I tried to guess how high it was. I could still see the white light clearly through these low level clouds. I’m guessing the object was anywhere from 2km to 20km vertically though it’s a weak guess. There just was no real way to get a handle on the height.

I looked around to see if anyone else was staring – but people were so far from me – about 60 meters and it was so dark by the time I looked down out ofthe sky that I could just make out the outlines of bodies – not see what they were looking at.

Soon the light passed under the moon and behind some clouds that were very far off in the western sky. It went behind those clouds too, but disappeared when it did so.

I’ve pretty much ruled out airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, weather balloon, those lanterns Thais make out of plastic or paper bags that gave me a scare one time as I saw about 25 of them in the 11pm night sky by my mansion. I wouldn’t say “missile” because the light was so pure white. Would a missile have a yellowish flame? I’ve seen the afterburners on F-4 phantoms and F-15 fighters while in the Air Force – the light was nothing like that – with a trail pointing away from where it was moving forward.

Slow moving shooting star? Is there such a thing?

Ball lightening? I’ve heard that it moves erratically – this was smooth and bright and silent.

Any ideas?

Oh – the photo has NOTHING to do with the UFO sighting except that I saw these on the way home and had to have a photo.

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9 thoughts on “I saw a UFO in Thailand Last Night…”

  1. I think what I saw couldn’t have been a satellite just based on the brightness. What I saw was easily 10 times brighter than Venus on a pitch-black night. Easily. And there was no flare just consistent brightness…. oh well… will likely never know! Thanks for all the links to the cool info Andy.

  2. Ok, wait… I just saw the iridium flares and they liken the brightness to a dim star. They say best seen at night. This was day time the sky was bright blue and the brightness was equivalent to a group of MANY bright, bright stars put together… and, the light did not diminish the entire trip across the sky. Not at all – equal intensity… Still think satellite?

  3. Yeah – amazing stuff. I just checked out the nasa site – and it appears that I saw the ISS satellite. It was super bright, like I said. Very cool to know that – thanks for your help Andy! – Vern

  4. Oh yes, satellites look just like stars, only they move over the sky within minutes. To make out any shapes you’d need a small telescope however. Sometimes they even disappear in the middle of the way, in case they enter the earth shadow there. Some can even change intensity due to their shape, most famous are the so-called Iridium flashes.

    You can check out NASAs Satellite Sighting Information, there are some ISS overpasses in morning right now.

  5. Hi Andy – thanks for the comment. So – satellites can be like brilliant, shining bright like a star? Are satellites round usually, or what shape? The direction it moved was west to east – is that the direction they go? yeah, I guess it is… hmm. Maybe right! I hope so – just to know what it was… Thanks for writing your comment. Appreciate it. Vern

  6. Sounds very much like you have seen a satellite, can be very bright right after sunset, and moving slowly over the sky crossing it in a few minutes. The ISS is about the brightest you can see, especially when a Space Shuttle is docked.

  7. Hi Amy, I was in the Air Force a while back. Part of my job descrip. as a 70250 was the collection and destruction of all classified material on the base – books, notes, tapes, videos, typewriter ribbons, etc. On occasion me and the other guy would read a few sentences of it… a paragraph maybe? You get the idea… well there were things going on in Hawaii that came through there. There were a couple specific things that were very strange. MANY people at high levels in the Air Force at least know about these things. There’s no question in their minds. Just impossible to get anyone credible to stand up and scream it and make others listen since they don’t usually have any sort of proof at all. Records destroyed…

  8. Wow Vern! I used to be really into UFOs and paranormal phenomena (a regular Art Bell listener back in the 90s). Never saw one though, so lucky you!

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