Pay 10 THB for Your 1 Year Old to See Buddhist Sculptures in Thailand

This was a ridiculous moment I have to write about. I’ve not said anything negative about experiences in Thailand much lately – but this was so absurd I immediately shot a video of what happened – and still contemplating putting it on YouTube.

We go to see the Sculpture Park in Nong Khai. It’s a bunch of Buddhas and things made of concrete – but in the old style – almost like you’d see in Cambodia or Ayuddyha. I love taking photos – so we wanted to see it.

I had just had a WTF moment with the woman selling herbal remedies – along with multiple sizes of giant penises – all bigger than reality – I’m guessing. I was almost at the end of the video – filming these things… when I found the king kong penis for 900 THB. Then I saw two holes in the base of the shaft that suggested I could loop a necklace through there. I asked the woman repeatedly – not putting her on camera – but just asking – can I put this on a necklace? She gave me the harshest look and just stared at me… I must have asked 3 times. Finally I gave up and made jokes about it.

Then we go for admission into this sculpture park.

It’s 20 THB for foreigners – and 10 THB for Thais. I don’t mind paying the difference – at least it’s nothing like what the Thailand National Park fees are for foreigners versus Thais. I gave her 40 THB and waited for her to hand back the 10 THB. She didn’t. My wife said – come on – that must be it.

I said, “No, it’s not it – there are two people – me and you.”

I said to the woman – 10 Baht chai mai kup?

She said, No – children are 10 Baht.

I said – my 1 Year Old Daughter is 10 THB?

She said – yes, even babies are 10 THB.

I said – WTF?

I shot the video ridiculing the place.

Let’s see – I cannot remember ever in my entire life seeing a charge for a 1 yr old. Can you?

Wait, I mean – BESIDES Air Asia’s 500 THB charge for our 1 year old – besides that.

Maybe I’ll find a lot more of this as time goes on – I hope not though. Seems like a great way to piss people off.

Author: Vern

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5 thoughts on “Pay 10 THB for Your 1 Year Old to See Buddhist Sculptures in Thailand”

  1. have that experience
    the truth is you have gain more than anyone else
    i bet there are many good moments in the visit….please treasure that
    the bad experience is just a reminder … always there is the other side of the coin

  2. The point is that GIVEN that most Thais see us that way it’s inevitable that this will happen, and I’m sure it does more often that you think, I wouldn’t even notice it at this point. It’s not like you’re NOT going to go in for 10 baht. In fact there is even more logic to it than normal since kids make noise and smells and sometimes throw up – they’d have to clean it. In Thailand this is on the rational side of things, lol.

  3. TIT – you are Farang, you are a walking ATM to 95% of Thais, get used to it. Just fell off the turnip truck? (friendly tone)

    1. I don’t know if you missed the point. The point isn’t that Thais see us as an ATM. The point is that I haven’t seen infants charged admission to something.

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