Strange Sickness in Thailand

I’ve not been flu-like sick in about 3 years. Well, not sick at all in 3 yrs unless you count a 12 hour bout with what must have been food poisoning. Lately I’m having a strange illness… Every muscle is exhausted – and I’ve done nothing… I’m tired when I wake up, when I go to exercise, when I go to bed… etc.


I’m tired. As if from the flu, but, along with some soreness in the muscles of my legs, these are the only symptoms.

I have no headache, no fever, no dizziness, no upset stomach, my pulse is slow – 50-60 bpm which is average for me. My appetite is good. I’m able to force myself to go do my regular exercise but where I could do an hour of really intense biking – I can only do 30 minutes now before I start to feel really bad.

I thought – low iron. I downed 30 One-a-Day vitamins over 2 weeks and felt a little better – but the bottle emptied and I’ve not refilled it – thinking it’s something more than that.

Anyone getting this same thing?

What about mono? That’s something I’ve not looked up yet.

Chikungunra? I have no joint pain though – and no fever or headache so I ruled that out – but, maybe it doesn’t always accompany the extreme fatigue?

Any other ideas?

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6 thoughts on “Strange Sickness in Thailand”

  1. suddenly over night my legs got better !! I suffer from peripheral neuopathy (partially numb feet ) this for many years !! maybe something to do with my problems …………….

  2. Had a bad cold for a week or so ,sore throat yellow phlem,lower back pain neck ache,then for no reason knee pain could hardly walk then numbness on the bottom of both feet then other knee has pain witth muscle pain in both legs now achilies tendon very sore pain in wrist All seems to be moving around .was excercising every day now cannot!! bit worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. Ok – I’ve pretty much decided – It’s Chikungunra. Muscles and joints hurt now and I have bouts with extreme loss of energy – but most of the time it’s bearable. There is such thing as ‘silent infection’ which gives few symptoms. As I think I said – I had no headache to speak of – only couple times, and no fever that I remember, but my body was hot a few nights I remember and couldn’t figure out why when I had exercised 4-5 hours before I slept.

    The symptoms resemble arthritis pain in the joints – and I definitely have that in my hands, knees, and feet in the morning when I wake up – it’s severe in my feet – but, it works itself out over an hour or so and I’m fine to exercise later in the day – but I am more sore during my bikes, runs or climbs.

    One good thing – apparently once you contract it – you’re immune from that point on – so that’s a good thing.

    Time of symptoms – for middle aged people – I’m 43 – 1 to 3 months… sometimes a year or so. No joke. That’s a crazy bug huh?

    I know a couple of monks at the temple that got this and a number of people wrote me to tell me about them getting it themselves or friends having it. It wipes you right the hell out – like the flu… muscle pain and very little energy.

    There’s no shot, no cure, just eat some ibuprofen to relieve the pain symptoms. Anyone else have this?

  4. I checked out those things you suggested and they have a symptom of diarrhea -which I don’t have. I might find the pills and take them anyway – sometimes amoebas give no symptoms at all. Thanks all the same – someone reading this has them and maybe they’ll figure it out as a result of your comment. Thanks.

  5. I had similar problems years ago and found it was due to gastrointestinal parasites. Get some very good tests for amoebas and giardia, or simply take the appropriate medicine (Flagyl, etc) since the available tests often fail to detect the parasites.

    1. I’m so glad you answered this post. I haven’t taken the worm killing pills for almost a year. I recommend them for all expats living in Thailand. It’s called Fugacar and I did a post on it here: Thailand Worms

      If that doesn’t get me straight I’ll look into what you suggested. Amoebas huh? That’s some nasty stuff you had!

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