Thailand Video of the Week –

I almost forgot this – I’m sure I will by next week, as it hasn’t been a regular feature here for long.

Here is my pick for Thailand video of the week. It isn’t my video – it’s a few MMA fighters that are sucking down snake blood. Do I agree with it? Hell no. I have this idea that snakes feel pain like everything else in the world… how someone could slice the skin of it and have no qualms – I don’t know. Worse yet, how can someone cut the still beating heart out of a cobra – and let assmonkeys eat it? – (another video I saw)

When the guy handed the monocled cobra over to the fighter – to hold… with no experience… I cringed. But, such is life in Thailand. Nobody is policing this stuff. Sometimes I think that’s great… other times, not so great.

Anyway, here’s the video…

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