Baby Overnighted at the Hospital in Northeast Thailand

Baby came down with some food poisoning. There are many potential sources of food poisoning in Thailand and across the globe, and though about 4 people got it in the family here – another couple (me included) didn’t. I had the runs for a day – but that was the extent of mine.

It could have been the som tam we picked up from a streetside Thai vendor. It could have been the kow tom moo – soup that grandma made. It could have been poor hygiene when someone cleaned the dishes. It could have been someone didn’t wash their hands before preparing food for the rest of us.

Whatever it was – it caused baby to throw up a bunch of times – on us, in the house, and in a restaurant on their table and floor – a good projectile hurl that hit just about everything in front of her.

So – she couldn’t keep anything down. She’s about 15 months now. She kept down a total of 100ml of water today – and threw the rest up. Yesterday about 100ml of water and 60 ml of the soy milk formula she drinks, some rice and some banana. The day before – nothing at all stayed down.

So – today before we put her to sleep her urine was really yellow and her doody was yellow and wet like water. She didn’t drink her last bottle and refused water. We packed up our bags and hit the hospital. Unbelievably this hospital has WIFI and it works. It’s free. It’s a great connection. We’re on the 4th floor. It’s a private hospital – and for kids overnight in our little VIP room – it’s 900 THB per night, about $27 USD.

She has had half a bottle of IV, an antibiotics shot, and something to calm her down because she was just spastic over the IV in the top of her hand. She just threw up about 6 times after sleeping for an hour and getting 1/4 way through the IV bottle.

Oh – worth noting – the phlebotomist was EXCELLENT and hit the tiny, invisible vein, the first try – unbelievably good.

Anyway – the hospital room is clean, has air con, wifi, refrigerator, bed for parents, table with 2 chairs, TV, dresser with drawers, porch, outside sink – the windows have screens without holes. The walls aren’t dirty like you might find in a public Thai hospital.

Just overall – an awesome place.

Did I mention the 28 year old doctor in the emergency room? She’s smoking hot – and no wedding ring.

Hell no I’m not telling you what hospital! I’m saving her for my friend Dave if he ever makes it over to Thailand.

Hope your kids are well and you don’t have to experience this same ordeal in 2011.


Author: Vern

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13 thoughts on “Baby Overnighted at the Hospital in Northeast Thailand”

  1. Jesus, sounds like you were a moment or two away from having to perform an emergency tracheostomy with a Bic pen – Hawkeye Peirce style. I think I could would have bought the IV equipment and went home if I was in your shoes. Those nurses would have given my a stroke.

    Yeah, make sure you get meds info before and not after. I’ve caught mistakes twice, once when my wife was in the hospital and once when I had e-coli. I’m not an M.D. but I do have a degree in neuroscience so I know all the terms of art etc. so it only takes a couple min. to check indications, contraindication, normal use, off label use vs current context. The doctors don’t like it but even if they are right you just cost them an explanation, which you deserve anyway.

    If it’s beyond your ken go to Bumrungrad. Most decent doctors work in Bangkok because they can get the good pay if they have the good training etc. Or so it seems to me, and has been explained thusly by Thais as well.

    That said I will send some awesome healing vibes your way – like a warm fuzzy VOA newscast.

    1. Yeah, I guess we’ll break down and get health insurance so we can skip these private hospitals – which, in general, we’ve found to be poor.

  2. Hey mate, yeah I did go off but it was for the reason of wanting to know what the drugs were, what possible side effects were and so forth. No labels no idea.

    As you said your little girl has a reaction and you don’t know where to start. You cannot eliminate drugs as there is no way to start.

    I wrote down possible side effects for the drugs Ja was prescribed just in case. It is hard being is Thailand where anything can and will happen.

    I have read the latest mate and hope that she is better soon and you can get home and relax.

    I know in the hospital I hardly got any sleep, I was walking dead.

    Remember the good old Thai saying “Jai yen yen” haha

    Take care mate

  3. Hey mate, hope she is better mate soon. I went through this with Ja about 6 weeks back, it was terrible as I felt so bloody helpless.

    She did improve as in stopped vomiting but didn’t eat for a good day still. In all she was in two nights and virtually another full day before being discharged.

    I thought it was something like food poisioning as well but she had an infection in her stomach apparently.

    I hope baby is back to normal as soon as possible mate.


    1. I saw that post Jason – that sucked man – and I couldn’t imagine going through it – but, here we are – going through it. Remember you said about the labels being ripped off by the doctor – and you getting enraged…? Well, I thought you were off the hook with that – but, it happened to us at a private clinic here! Baby was allergic to the shit they gave her – and had welts and swollen face. Luckily her airway didn’t close. We were trying to reach the jackass doctor that prescribed the stuff just to find out WHAT IT WAS. We could not… then some dumbass in the emergency room jammed a needle in baby’s IV – without telling us what it was. Guess what? Same shit she was allergic to!

      I’ve blown up at the nurses here real good – and i think I must have written about that at and not

      But, more happened – and I’ve taken a video of the situation but there is so much more to add…

      I reamed about 9 nurses sitting at the front desk when I told them i needed to change rooms and one kept saying – Mai dai, mai dai… I said DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE and got really loud to get my voice over hers – which kept rising…

      I said – where is a new room I can go RIGHT NOW (tahn TEE!)

      Then they showed me one…

      Mai dai my ass.

      Anyway – there is more to it – but I straightened everyone’s ass out over there. This wasn’t a matter of cultural problem or misunderstanding, it was 9 asshole nurses that needed their shit straightened out because Thais don’t do it.

      Anyway – thanks man! I read all your posts – though I’m sick with stuff to do and dont have time to comment much anywhere.



  4. Hi Vern, I went through this a number of times with my son. It is worrying when they can’t hold any food down. I’ve always waited a day or two, but sometimes the best option is to just go to the hospital.

      1. It can be frustrating all right. I trained as a nurse, but in some ways that makes it harder to just watch. The main thing is that they can keep her hydrated with IV fluids; kids are resilient.

        1. Yep Paul, I think right on. SHe’s plenty hydrated now… hope she goes home today – that’d be cool! Thanks for your comments lately. Cheers…

      2. Sometimes they don’t rehydrate with electrolytes very well. You can get little bottles of electrolytes up there at Watsons and Big C sometimes or you can make them yourself for future use. I assume they are giving her the proper I.V. Unless you’re at Bumrungrad don’t be afraid of second guessing the nurse and going on the internet to find out what you should do. Same with doctor but don’t make him/her loose face or anything. Don’t be afraid to Google meds too and ask a friend if you don’t have much life science education. I’ve been prescribed outrageous things just so they can charge me or due to error. Due to a long parent pleasing stay at university I can figure it out quickly but don’t be afraid to take the time if you need it, unless it’s an emergency of course. Rehyration is the key here though.

        If you have any qualms check out this, it has a weight to fluid calculator for I.V. Replenishment.

        Sometimes ya gotta be a little more proactive there.

        1. Yeah, she’s hydrated as hell. No worries about that – she’s sucking up bags of glucose solution like I drink water on a hike. She is active and fun – calmed down from the IV situation, and the only problem is not digesting food well – as evidenced by chunky business – we can see rice and other food pieces. Today maybe doing better. She barely ate yesterday – doctors orders – and so she didn’t do any decent business. We’ll see after she eats today what happens. They gave us many packs of electrolytes to give her. Why int he hell can’t they put THAT in the IV?

  5. Wow, nice hospital given the local. With my daughter we always boiled water for her formula even after she got a bit older. I also never EVER let her eat food from a food stall -that’s playing Russian roulette with your kids life. Boo, don’t do that again until she’s at least 5. (I’d go with 8, personally) These are the kinds of things that add up to the much lower life expectancy, lower IQ’s etc. these things actually don’t ever make you stronger, you just regain what you had or it takes a little piece out of you – this applies even for the flu, but in Thaland there are so many more flu type things you can get. I got e-coli from a food stall and it wasn’t fun and I apparently recovered really well(god bless my filthy war like Anglo Saxon ancestors for killing off the weak ones time and time again) but it was the worst illness I’ve ever had times a thousand!

    Amazing you got Wi-fi up there for that rate, must be fairly recent.

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