Day 2 Baby in Private Thailand Hospital

Well, the maintenance crew started banging the walls, ceiling, sanding, sawing, hammering all sorts of shit including our wall where baby FINALLY fell asleep.

Apparently they’re doing work on the whole floor above us. I’ll walk out later and see whether it’s loud in all the rooms.

The fine doctor came in this morning. She seemed to know what she was doing. Until I asked if they were going to do a blood pressure on our 15 month old – since none had been done in the 12 hours she’d been admitted.

The doctor said she could tell by looking at our daughter that it was OK because she was active and her face was red…

Well, the partial reason for both was that she was aggravated as all hell. Not to mention the allergic reaction to the antibiotic shot they gave via the IV line. Her face was red and swollen and she had blotches, bumps, pimple type red bumps all over her. She said, we usually don’t get a blood pressure for children her age because it’s too hard to do.

She left shortly after  – I didn’t say much. It made no sense to me – but, am I a doctor?

Two minutes later a nurse came in to give our sweetness a blood pressure check.

When she finished she told my wife – “It’s normal.”

Wow, wtf IS normal? I wonder… I wasn’t in the room to hear that… wish I was.

Oh – I have something to write about Thais and their kids in a minute. Lots of bad experiences lately. I’ll write something positive about Thais in a few days as something will inevitably pop up. Oh wait, my gwit diao moo soup was amazing today. Back with my soup gig and loving him man – he makes perfect soup. That’s something I love about Thailand and Thais – they can make some scrumptious food – agreed?

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5 thoughts on “Day 2 Baby in Private Thailand Hospital”

  1. Hi Vern,Sorry to hear Jenna hospital stay isn’t going well. When I first arrived here I was staying in an upscale tower condo and lo & behold after one day they started interior construction on the condo next to mine. Here I am paying 400 USD+ for a tiny,tiny condo and I’ve got construction noise 12 hours a day. Crazy. after 3 months I moved to our current apt. No construction noise at least.
    Have you recovered from the runs yet? Hope so.
    Best wishes always,

    1. I’ve still got runs Lee. Thanks for caring. Yeah, noise is the norm in Thailand too – Thais are great at ignoring it. After we moved out of that room we didn’t hear ONE FRICKING HAMMER again in the next couple days.

      That nurse needs a lobotomy with a set of chopsticks.

  2. Just a general and maybe applicable health note – Thailand still uses asbestos in it’s concrete stay away from concrete dust when workers are mixing, pouring etc. – but especially when they are breaking up old concrete walls.

    My wife went to Mahidol University, and the Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Public Health has lots of lit on this, as do some other depts. It’s worse than they let on, as you might expect, but the published data is pretty scary – I always have a dust mask in my bag – you can get really good ones at Paragon – the kind most people use in Thailand wouldn’t get cert. for asbestos in NA/EU.

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