On the Road Again… Moving to ?

We decided Krabi, and then here in Trang weren’t really for us. Trang is a Thai town, yes. But, it doesn’t have any real charm. We’re heading out in search of the ultimate Thai town, yet one that has modern conveniences – specifically a Tesco with French bread so I can indulge my western addiction on occasion.

We are in transition again – and that’s a good thing. For some reason my life has been transition. Blame it on attention deficit disorder or whatever, but I’ve been a rolling stone man – that much is evident as I look back at my life.

We may head up to Kanom I think it’s called. That area between Surat and Nakon Si Thammarat. It was very country and seemed to have good people last time we were through. There are some beaches and it’s close enough to hit a Tesco every couple weeks if we needed (I needed) to.

If Kanom doesn’t work we’ll figure out the next spot. I’d consider Chiang Mai – but neither of us have been there yet, so we don’t know what to expect. I’ve google earthed it and it seems nice enough from a topological standpoint – mountains to climb… cool winters… but we’ll see.

Maybe not writing much over next few days or weeks – we’ll see.

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “On the Road Again… Moving to ?”

  1. You want to go Hatyai for Tesco and Carrefore and 20 min drive to Songkla for the beach with many ex-pats bars -Cheers!

    AL -in Danok

  2. Thanks Gene – we’re looking into it up there. I guess you’re living there? I’ve heard it’s really a city and it’s crowded and a lot of traffic and some pollution… but as long as it’s easy to live outside the city and just get out a lot – chiang rai and surrounding small areas – would be ok for me. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Yeah Chiang Mai is very nice with excellent cultural attractions. The city has been getting busier over the past few years though, and the rainy season has a way of hitting CM extra hard. Internet service used to be a big problem in CM but hopefully that issue is now resolved with the new service recently put in. It is a very scenic area with rivers, mountains, waterfalls, rain forest, mango trees, etc. wonderful place. It’s definitely a *city* now though, not a town. There’s also a well-regarded university in town, so you get some creative/smart people vibe that I like very much. -Gene

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