Bangkok Governor Hopeful Falls Into Canal in Bangkok

Bangkok's next Governess?
Bangkok Governor hopeful rescued from canal.

This got a small photo and brief caption on the front page of The Nation online newspaper today (25 Sept) and I’m glad I caught it. Just kind of funny. No article, just this…

Leena Jungjanja is pulled out of Saen Saeb Canal Wednesday. She fell from the Pratunam pier into the canal while campaigning there for her race for the Bangkok governor’s seat.

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Bangkok Governor Hopeful Falls Into Canal in Bangkok”

  1. Hi Nick, thanks for writing…

    Just ‘guy’. Just me – no team here.

    A member of her team was drowned at about the same time? Or, at the same time? Was there more than one incident here?

    Correct, it’s not at all a Buddhist reaction – no Buddhist here writing this blog.

    Here’s why it struck me as funny Nick:

    1. Politics strikes me as funny in general. Thai politics are outrageous.
    2. This lady is campaigning for governor… and yet she can’t keep her balance on a pier.
    3. She appears to have a smile on her face – she doesn’t look like she’s dying or was afraid of dying.
    4. The guy helping her is boosting her in the ass to get her out of the water. That’s not very Thai. Necessary yes, probably, but almost comical.
    5. There was no mention of how it happened, of the seriousness of it… it was as if the newspaper (The Nation) wanted to show what happened but didn’t want to go on to explain the silliness of it for fear of having this candidate lose too much face. There was just that simple 2-sentence mention of it. That led me to believe it wasn’t a grave matter at all.

    If it was serious and someone drowned at this same incident – that’s horrible and I don’t find it funny at all. Apparently you have more information about the incident than I did when it came out.

  2. Guys, Why do you think this incident is funny? I understand a member of her team was drowned at about the same time. This is not a very Buddhist reaction to a very bad turn of events for her. She’s a human being, show her a little respect if nothing else.

    Nick in London

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