How Many Will Die in THIS YEAR’s War on Drugs?

ThaiVisa had this headline in a feed I read from them, “War on Drugs to start on April 2”

If you remember the war on drugs from previous years you’ll recall there were somewhere in the neighborhood (no good numbers) of 2,000 people dying all over Thailand as a result of Thai police having target practice in the streets!

Human rights activists cried about it later, but how much good did that do? If this quote is right from the nation – they say, they want Thai police to be tough and IGNORE the concerns of human rights activists?

It’s times like these that you can get a glimpse of what those running the country are really like. Usually this kind of thing goes on all the time, but every once in a while – they announce it to the country and the public sees it on a much wider scale than usual.

If you know anyone doing drugs in the country – or on the police shite list you might want to suggest a trip to Laos for a month or so. A year?
They pulled a clip from the nation,

War on drugs to start on April 2

BANGKOK: — The government will launch its war on drug on April 2 and mobilise all units to crack down on illicit drugs for 90 days, Interior Minister Chalerm Yoobamrun said on Wednesday.

Chalerm said he was aware of a difficult fight ahead but expected cut down the trafficking. He called for strict law enforcement without heeding the concern of human right advocates.

— The Nation 2008-03-26

I never do this, but there are some VERY interesting comments at ThaiVisa forum about this subject… I find forums so filled with extraneous shite that it’s like separating salt from pepper with a toothpick. So far at least the forum is right on and offers some good suggestions as to the reason for Thailand’s “War on Drugs” this year.

Thailand’s War on Drugs >

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3 thoughts on “How Many Will Die in THIS YEAR’s War on Drugs?”

  1. hey brunt,

    I think you and I are polar opposites on this issue… I’m not that attached to my opinion about it because I don’t do anything that resembles drugs unless you count endorphines.

    I’m of the mind that we have few enough freedoms as it is. I don’t want someone telling me I can’t kill myself any way I choose. Yes, I see drugs as a dead end. I see teachers here in Thailand smoking pot 2 to 5 times a day. You know, it’s sad… there’s just no internal drive to do anything else – just relax and float through life.

    Life sucks at times, I know this more than anyone. Well, as much as anyone?

    I’ve worked with those in mental health that need an escape. Drugs, alcohol, and sleeping offer escapes.

    It’s sad for me to see people waste their lives on drugs – but I totally understand it. I understand some people are locked into it. I know that some have an addictive personality where they seem to be hell-bent on getting addicted to all kinds of things. Maybe I’m like that with exercise. I’m a nut about it. If it was drugs I’d be doing myself harm, but it’s something postive – so maybe I’m doing myself good? James FIXX died after running like 25 years – of heart attack. Maybe nothing is good to be addicted to. Not sure.

    Anyway – long jail terms for taking a substance that makes you feel good sucks the biggest suck to me. I can’t imagine for the life of me eating something that ends up putting me in jail. That’s such a horrible and fucked state of things. One can sniff glue until his brain is mush – and not go to jail. Why is that? The person is so much more fucked than if he was mainlining heroin. Glue destroys and doesn’t let you ever get right again. Heroin can go away…

    A kid can buy mouthwash with alcohol in the store – or mild sleeping pills – take more than he should and be hell on wheels behind the wheel of a car… same as some stronger barbituates taken in moderation – but they’re not illegal.

    It’s a crock of shit to penalize for one and not for everything that can put us in those states where we’re a danger to others – and ourselves.

    That’s what I think… but I see what you’re saying – it’s such a sick thing to see a friend, even a stranger hooked on something – wasting life away… but, you know what? That person is getting something out of it… maybe reality is much more impossible to deal with.

    I say – give him/her the choice to fark up life if they want. They didn’t choose to grow up in a family with a mom that’s a whore, a dad that beat and fucked them. They didn’t choose to get an 85 IQ that made them stupid to their friends and teachers. They didn’t choose to have no drive in life to succeed -to be someone.

    I’ve worked with so many people in the mental health system that fit that mold… sad as hell, but I can’t blame them if they took drugs. Hell – I’d encourage some of them so they smiled at some point during the day.

    ;) Vern

  2. Vern, my idea on drugs is that if you wish to take them or sell them in a country where the consequences means a filthy small cell with 20 people or the death penalty, then you are pretty stupid in the first place.

    To be truthful, I wish all countries would adopt a war on drugs strategy, kill the big guys just take them out and for the peddlers lock them away till they die.

    The argument of “recreational” drugs are okay is another argument many people use, but people start at these type of drugs and then end up on the type of drugs that take them hook, line and sinker.

    Drugs sadly will always be a big problem in any country in the world. The big guys make all the money and the small guys peddling their stuff make a little but take all the risks.

    If you look at the UAE. There is a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and penalties for drug trafficking include the death penalty or life in jail. Penalties for possession or use of illegal drugs include imprisonment and heavy fines.

    Now here is a good idea for any country that the UAE does.

    The presence of illegal drugs detected in blood or urine tests is considered possession.
    I think this is a great idea, what about you?

    You may also be charged with possessing drugs if trace amounts are found on your body, clothes or luggage.

    A guy was locked away for something like 6 years for having a microscopic amount of a drug on his shoe. I remember reading about it the middle of last year. He was shafted from what I could get from the story as he asked to be drug tested, as he didn’t take drugs and swore that the drug had somehow gotten onto his shoe, which is highly possible.

    I think a mixture of the really strict laws and nothing over the top, like the poor guy copped would be good. I know that mostly small fish would be locked away in prisons but as time went on they would start running out of these people willing to take such a risk and with serious penalties people may think twice, not like now.

    That’s my take and if people die in this war on drugs, then so be it. You make the bed you lie in; you dig your own grave. Sadly being Thailand I am sure innocent people may be caught up in it though and I do feel sorry for the genuine people that are caught and prosecuted.


  3. Ok – I’m leaving a comment on my own blog! ha. Just tired of editing in the blogger dashboard. I was talking to my friend about this and she said she thinks the government is doing this because they want to show that Thaksin did nothing wrong when HE did it 4 years ago. If they do it again in a big big way it will show that it’s the Thai way – not just Thaksin’s idea. I thought that was a good way to look at this.

    Make this one equal or worse to last one and take the pressure off Thaksin in court over this issue – or, make sure it never gets to court. What do you think?

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