People Power Party in Power after Election?

Andrew Biggs had a post today about some taxi drivers telling him lately that the PPP will win the election and that Thaksin is coming back… See story here >

This morning before reading that I asked my Thai girlfriend whether she thought there was going to be violence after the election… she said, “Yes, I think maybe if the PPP win the election.”

I had read the title of a forum post somewhere yesterday about whether anyone was expecting violence after the election. I ignored it, being so far from knowing what’s going on in Thai politics that I thought it was all from the past and that we had smooth sailing ahead.

Apparently there might not be smooth sailing.

I told my girlfriend, if PPP wins – Thailand’s people might be happy. They might really want Thaksin to return… but you know what? The rest of the world is going to turn it’s back on Thailand and watch it destroy itself.

Can you really imagine if Thaksin was allowed to come back and be involved in the PPP party again? What if the guy the people of Thailand elect is only a puppet for Thaksin? I could see that happening.

Where are the academics in Thailand – what are they doing? Who are they voting for? Where are the smart people in Thailand?

What is going on in this country?

Brunty – you with me? What’s going on man? No doubt the people of Isaan want Thaksin back like a resurrected Jesus… But, why is the rest of the country now going back to the same line of thinking?

Or aren’t they?

Author: Vern

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