Thailand is NOT All That Corrupt!

Most corrupt countries have deepest red color.
Most corrupt countries have deepest red color.

Isn’t that remarkable? I know it sounds like a ridiculous statement but I have proof to back it up.

Yes, really. Transparency International posted this corruption index that ranks countries on their levels of corruption and Thailand is nowhere to be found in the worst 90 countries!

Out of 180 countries mentioned, Thailand is just 96th. That’s bottom 50%. If you look at the map the countries that are darker red – like dried blood are the ones that are most corrupt. Those tending toward yellow are less corrupt. The country in white (Greenland?) didn’t have any data.

Now, if Thailand is ranked in the better 50% on corruption what does that mean for the rest of our world? The map makes it pretty clear.

Notable highlights…

UK beat USA
Japan beat USA
Hong Kong, Germany, Ireland and Belgium beat the USA.

Somalia is worst most corrupt country in the WORLD. Myanmar (Burma) is 2nd!

Cambodia is 15th.

Laos is 26th.

Philippines, 38th.

Canada is a great big cold place but not very corrupt.

Australia is the only warm place that is not that corrupt. The other countries that rank well are located in the really cold regions. This means two things.

  1. Corruption puts money in people’s pockets. These people move toward the warm weather.
  2. Australians with money aren’t smart enough to move toward warm weather.

;) Joking, joking – I think the Aussies are about the friendliest, coolest bunch I’ve met here in Thailand. Sorry to joke at their expense. Anyone else want to interpret the results?

Here is full list:

Global Corruption among Countries of the World, 2008

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  1. Hi Vern,
    yeah it’s very interesting.
    I would like to point out that Denmark came in on a shared 1st place!! (Ok, with New Zealand and Sweden, but still pretty good! :) )

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