YouTube BLOCKED again in Thailand

Youtube blocked in Thailand A-G-A-I-N.

It was too good to last yesterday. Now go there and get:

jokeBlocked by ministry of misadministration or misinformation… something like that.

I did get to see some of my stats…

60,000 video views at Youtube for my ladyboy dancing and funny Thailand wildlife videos. WOW.

50,000 views of food videos. WOW.

If you can use Youtube to your advantage, use them. They can throw some good traffic your way. Add some titles and credits with your web site address in them and stick them up on Youtube. Sure, we can’t see them in Thailand – but all over the rest of the FREE world – they can see them. I think last time I checked stats for my videos I had about 9,000 views. So, in the time Thailand blocked Youtube the rest of the world came and saw the videos over 51,000 times. Imagine if Thailand was able to view them too?

Anyway, it’s a good resource for traffic if you are videographically inclined.

If you’re not and want to get in the game, shoot some video on mini-DV cassette and send to Vern to edit and get it online for you at Youtube, Google Video,, Myspace, or your own site.

Disclaimer: This sample image is NOT a direct translation or even a remotely similar translation of the Thai written here. This is a joke that people will find humorous but that it not intended to, and does not, undermine the ruling Junta or Thailand’s other governing bodies. Nobody will take this seriously and I do not want to go to jail and meet men that will try to make my anus their friend. I don’t want to sleep with 5o other Thai men in a 4 meter x 4 meter smelly room without beds. I do not believe in the translation stated here, and I do not advise others to believe in it. In fact, I STRONGLY suggest that you do NOT believe in this silly translation as it could not be further from the truth. I pledge allegiance to the Thai government – whatever it is or may become, up to you… I will not try to duly influence any foreigner (farang) or Thai citizen into disrespecting ANYONE that wears a uniform including cubscouts and girlscouts.

In fact, I will WEAR a uniform if that is recommended. But, pleeeeeease, not the boyscout uniform.

Author: Vern

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