Thailand Tips #13: Cure for Insanely Itchy Rash? Colgate.

This will not sound rational. But, it’s something I’ve done all my life… If I have a rash, and it’s rare… I put toothpaste on it.

In southern Thailand it’s hot all year. Toward the end of the year last year as well I got this crazy-itchy rash close to my ankle and behind my knees. It is itchy to a degree that doesn’t make sense – it can drive a normal person wacky.

Throw some toothpaste on it and see if it doesn’t cure it for you in 1 or 2 days. It’s worked for us a couple of times. I don’t know WHY it works – it just works. It stops the itch. It gets rid of the rash quickly.

Be careful not to use at night unless you’re sure you don’t have an ant problem. One type of black ant likes the toothpaste and I woke up with a hundred ant party on my arm two nights ago.

Author: Vern

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