New Farang English Teachers to Spend 100,000 b to be Certified?


That’s what one Thailand blogger is saying – that should jack up our salaries a bit I’d think.

Everybody now…

Neung…. Song… WTF?

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3 thoughts on “New Farang English Teachers to Spend 100,000 b to be Certified?”

  1. Yeah, that’s always the question. There are cushy jobs teaching masters and phd level learners… but, do you want to teach high society? I don’t. I turned down a great position at UR university. Paid crazy money! I just didnt’ see myself as being able to put up with thai high so attitudes and expectations that we do nothing in class but somehow they all learn english to a high degree. Impossible to overcome their inhibitions about speaking english in public at that high level. Unless of course, they’re really good. Which NOBODY in thailand is! lol. Anyway – thanks for comments .

    Steve – yea, you would THINK salaries would skyrocket to find good people. But, nope. I’m sure thailand is suffering right now – but they don’t want to admit it. Everyone needs teachers much worse than in prior years when they really needed them.

  2. I read this is the forum and was shocked. It seems to be coming from a reliable source within the Ministry.

    I will wait and see. If it is going to be a “major problem” and hassle then I and my Thai family will pack up and head back to Australia and I will commence my old life for ten years and then retire back over here.

    There is already an influx of non native speakers whose pronuciation at times can be interesting.

    I agree that there needs to be “better screening” of teachers and eliminate the pests and send them on their way.

    I am currently looking at other options paying 15,000 – 20,000 baht more per month and less contact teaching hours. The question is will I be happy where the jobs are.

  3. You would think the salaries will go up simply because of supply and demand. Thailand has been making it increasingly difficult for westerners to stay in the country long term and many I think are leaving for greener pastures. On the other hand the recent changes also encourage the use of non-native English speakers to teach English and we all know they will accept much less money to teach.

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