Thailand Writers Needed – Your Own eBooks

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Thailand based writers needed. Create your own ebooks and sell them through a digital publishing platform. You retain all rights to your work.

What’s an eBook?

A short, focused digital book usually in PDF format, but also in many other formats so the digital ereaders like Amazon’s Kindle, or the iPhone or iPod Touch can read it too.

Ebook Topics Needed?

Anything goes except something that might offend Thailand’s Royalty, or affect negatively Thailand Tourism or other business. Oh, you wouldn’t want to slander anyone either. Stay away from the usual “Farang in Jail for Telling it Like it Is” topics.


Idea. Write. Edit. Format. I can change to all the ebook formats for you. You can sell on my site and any other site you wish. You can sell it on your own if you wish too. If you sell at our site you’ll make 75% of net. At $9.95 per that’s about $6. Know what it would be if you wrote a paperback book? About $1.50 per book sale. If you produce multiple ebooks or have a great seller we can negotiate the split to be more in your favor. If you’re a well-known writer we may waive our commission altogether just to have your ebooks on our site.

What Formats Do You Create for Authors?

EPub, Mobi, PDF, TXT, LRF, RTF, literally everything that ereaders use. No charge to convert your books. Your formatting has to be right – I can give you formatting tips before you submit your final product to me. As new formats are created – we add those too. When (if) the new Apple iPad comes out we’ll have a format that will work on it.

Why eBooks?

Here’s a list of 50 reasons why ebooks are better. From an author’s point of view I know you can come up with a few more.

Where Will my eBooks be Sold?

One of two sites: – ebooks focused on Thailand topics. – a site dedicated to only ebooks pertaining to Asia. Write about Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, you know – Asia.

Author: Vern

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