3 Words: Cambodian Space Project

Cambodian Space Project band from Phnom Penh
Srey Thy - lead singer of Cambodian Space Project band out of Phnom Penh.

This band popped up in my Jango online radio player – which actually WORKS in Thailand – unlike other online radios.

Typically I go immediately to the new music, give them the shit vote – and can them so I can hear my favorites.

This time I LOVED these guys.

Did it have something to do with me being in Cambodia last week? Not sure. Have a listen – they have Aussie, US, French, and a Cambodian female lead singer. It’s great stuff. Was glad to hear it this morning.

I heard two songs – both amazing…



I’m Unsatisfied

Tune in and see if you like them. Now, where the hell were they when I was sitting in a restaurant 5 days in a row listening to old Elton John songs?

Hopefully will be able to scout these guys out and see them live.

Here is a link to events happening in/around Phnom Penh, Cambodia – and apparently they are playing a gig at Srey’s home village and another at the Equinox. Hope they’re still around when I get back there.

Here are a couple of videos of them playing in the back of a Tuk-Tuk!

Tuk Tuk Sessions >

Anybody see them live yet?

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7 thoughts on “3 Words: Cambodian Space Project”

  1. Hi there, this band really is amazing. They’ve been on a world tour for a while now: France, Oz, China, Canada, US… They’ve also recorded a vinyl album which unfortunately is not quite available in this region.
    I heard they’ll be back in Phnom Penh next week, and definitely giving a gig on the 30th of April at Equinox, if you fancy a WE in PP ;)…
    They posted your website on their FB page (which is why I found it), so I assume you’ve already got more information from there.
    Anyway, nice to see they’re getting more and more fans in all countries :).

    1. I’m not a facebooker – maybe I can find it anyway. Yeah, I love this band… some of the songs are amazing. I haven’t heard many – about 4 maybe. I do fancy a weekend in PP but can’t get there yet. Will be June before I can get back there. I hope in addition to the vinyl they’ll consider an mp3 version… lol.

      1. Well then, do check their gig dates on lengpleng.com when you come back around PP. And ah, check this website too: http://www.tuktuksessions.com, they recorded a couple more videos on it. As for the mp3 version, we’re all waiting for it!

    1. ha! I can’t tell if you’re serious or not… I know most people won’t like them, but I really like an eclectic mix of music and this one reminded me of siouxie and the banshees and some other stuff – more punk. I loved it. They’re in Portland, Oregon at the moment – going to texas for a gig, then back to Hong Kong and Cambodia. I hope to see them in Cambodia.

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