4 Songkran Videos: Tips

Ok, I finished editing the few videos I had about Songkran.

Here is a link to the page on my other site that I put the videos on:

Songkran Videos >

One video covers proper Songkran attire.

One shows the Songkran PVC squirter tubes.

One video shows the safe way to squirt someone with the tubes since they ARE technically illegal but you’ll still see quite a few of them. They were banned because they can really hurt the eyes when sprayed in the face. It sucks to get a stream in the eye-ball, I’ll testify to that.

The last video shows the proper way to apply powder to the face of strangers… and an improper way.

Have a look at the videos – they are not on YOUTUBE – so you’ll be able to see them. They are pretty small files and should download fairly quickly with a fast connection.

Have fun at Songkran this year, you know I STILL am not sure which day it starts – tomorrow or Friday…

Author: Vern

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