New Thailand Videos: Waterfalls, Headless Centipedes, Cute Kids

Here are links to a few new videos that were shot long ago, but only today do I have a fast enough connection to upload them all to the server on my site.

Here I catch a gecko that was running around the living room. You should really invest in one of these small nets if you can. You can catch centipedes, spiders, geckos, dragonflies, large bees and anything else that flies into your home.

Thailand Gecko Video >

A boy of about 5 years old kills a lizard and brings it back for us all to see. We all make a big deal about it. This is the natural state of things in baan naawk (countryside) here in Thailand. They might barbeque it and fry it up.

Thai Boy, 5, Kills Lizard Video >

This is from Koh Samui. We are at the Big Buddha during a holiday and I wanted to document this Buddhist donation machine. Rotating bowls that collect the donations and recycle. GOOD IDEA.

Buddhist Donation Machine Video >

The next one is a Buddhist Fortune Teller Machine > This gives you a magical number that will tell you what your fortune is on the papers below corresponding to the number chosen by the machine. After we read our fortune I read the one next to it – which is quite hilarious.

For Chinese New Years I buy about 2700 firecrackers and light them off (in groups of 250 or 500 at a time). Good fun and a BIG MESS.

Chinese New Years Firecrackers in Thailand Video >

Cute Thai kids we met at a waterfall in Surat Thani on the weekend about 2 months ago. The girls were darling, the boy a bit annoying. We had a good time going off the vine into the water under the waterfall.

Cute Thai Kids Video >

Top of (or, level 8 rather) Dod Fa Waterfall in Surat Thani Province. There are more levels – but how to reach them was anyone’s guess. Supposedly there are like 22 levels I think? It’s even difficult to find this level 8 and I had some experience co-workers leading me up to it. We were the only ones there – really a cool place. The video shows some of the falls – but, further up and set back into the hill is more of it that can be seen through the trees if one steps back.

Level 8 Dod Fa Waterfall Suratthani, Thailand Video >

Handfeeding Thailand’s Piranha… (Tilapia)

Feeding Thailand’s Piranha Video >

Jonny Durex? We were walking around a wat on Koh Samui that is out further than the Big Buddha and we saw this memorial that appears to be a gag – at a Thai (Chinese) Buddhist temple. Someone created a memorial to Jonny Durex. Is this a gag? All the others were in Thai and serious (real). This one I’m not so sure about.

Jonny Durex Memorial at Buddhist Temple Video >

Kids will be kids… The same group of cute kids from the video above. They found a huge centipede and someone had chopped it in the head before we got there. When I started filming I wasn’t aware there was a problem with it’s head until it started to move. Wow. Then later when I was paying attention to something else, they had separated the head from the body and it was running around with about 2 segments and it’s head. Crazy eh? This IS the countryside…

Headless Centipede in Thailand Video >

A big Katydid.

Thailand Katydid Video >

Phurin Waterfall, Suratthani, Thailand. A long video (4:38) walking around the waterfall and pools and watching the kids having fun swinging on the vine over the water. I try it too.

Phurin Waterfall, Suratthani, Thailand Video >

Enjoy these videos from Thailand. Copy them, share them, whatever…

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  1. Jonny, was a great friend to many in the U.K he was larger than life!
    His death was a littel suspect, there are many questions unanswered.
    We will all miss you JD!!

  2. I wasn’t sure, and still – quite frankly, I’m not sure. But, thanks for writing in about this.

  3. i’d just like to let you know that jonny’s memorial stone isn’t a joke, he was a old DJ and owner of a bar in Maenam called “the globe bar”, alcohol got the best of him and he died choking from his own vomit. he was also a good friend of mine.

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