Going MAC and Not Looking Back?

Hoping to find someone – you can email – Thaipulse [{at]} gmail.com, that has switched over from IBM PC to MAC and not looked back. A web developer would be ideal, as that’s what I do primarily.

Windows based computers have been a thorn in my nether region ever since I bought my first IBM notebook computer about 1993.

I cuss this thing daily – and I’m wondering (again) – if I would find more peace of mind dealing only with MAC.

The problems with PC:

1. I break hard drives like people break points on a pencil. I don’t know whether this is the state of the industry at the moment, or whether HP notebooks have become absolute junk. I’ve lost 4 hard drives in Thailand and this one is on the way out – failing hardware tests now. Will attempt to backup all my stuff after I post this article. I’d love to have a 128 SSD and not deal with spinning hard drives ever again in my life.

2. Viruses – Thailand’s computers at internet cafes, businesses, personal computers, etc… are nearly all infected by something. Everytime I put someone’s USB into my computer – bam – virus alerts. If I have MAC – does this ALWAYS happen too? Are Thailand’s MACs LESS virus prone? Less infected overall? Does the Apple computer come with free virus protection – or no?

3. Bad copies of Windows. Where can I even find one anymore that I trust? I’ve no idea. I’m currently using Windows 7 Ultimate. It’s the ultimate in SUCK. This thing is stable, and yet I can’t do what I used to do on Windows XP Pro. The operating system eats up heaps of resources. I’d rather go back to XP Pro. What is the MAC OS like? Stable I imagine… I think they probably don’t make major changes in the menus like Windows does. Where the F is “Add remove programs” in Win 7 Ultimate? You have to type in the search in control panel – Add remove programs to find a link for it. Otherwise you’re guessing where the hell it will be found.

4. Video. Nikon uses .mov format with h.264 compression codec – or whatever it is. WMV (Windows Media Video) is out… MOV is in. I need programs that work with MOV files. Windows sucks at it. I can’t even get the full QuickTime for Windows through the Apple store because they don’t take PayPal.

5. A backlit keyboard. That would be a REAL nice option. The Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air both have this. Where can I get it on IBM PC? I found it on HP’s ENVY system which is way overpriced – just like an Apple computer.

6. Battery. Why can’t HP or anyone else but Apple get it right in the battery department? I need 8 hours of battery – minimum. Not 6. I don’t want to buy 2-3 batteries to make 8. I want one battery that goes 8. Apple seems to have the formula down. What is this Lithium-Polymer battery that Apple has? Why doesn’t HP have those? Or, if they do – what systems are they on?

7. Speed. Another major source of frustration with Windows systems is that they are TOO SLOW. I work fast, but with a 2.2GHZ processor with 4GB of RAM it should be able to handle WHATEVER I’m doing in Word – right? No. It starts lagging, then will lock up for a while until it processes everything.

8. Hardware Malfucktions. The USB ports I have in my notebook are USB 2.0. Everytime I stick an external gadget into the port – I get a message that inserting the gadget into a USB 2.0 port – will make everything run much faster. WTF? I’m IN the USB 2.0 – that’s all I have on this stupid system. How did it revert to USB 1?

9. Desktop. The Desktop view on Windows 7 Ultimate is the most fucked up thing about the whole operating system. Forget trying to keep icons spread across your desktop in a place you’ll remember where to find them. They move. I have moved my “video” folder about 28 times back to where I want it to stay – and it still moves to the left somewhere. I don’t have auto arrange icons on, nor sort the desktop icons. My icons move wherever the fuck they want anyway. That’s really a wonderful system! POS.

I’m getting more angry as I go on and on about how F’ed up Windows is. I’d better stop here or I’ll heave this farker right out the front door to the street.

Windows doesn’t work for me. You think MAC will? What are the drawbacks to MAC besides not being able to replace your own battery and other stupid shit they’re doing?

Update: Here’s a guy that bought a new iMac and found it to be JUNK – not being able to read the emails because the font was too small, then cranking up the font size to 16 – and forgetting he needed to shrink it again to make it normal size for those receiving the email. Great…