Best Beer in Thailand?

archa-frontIt’s still Beerlao. BUT, recently Jason at “Isaanstyle” blog mentioned that he tried “Archa” and found it lovely.

I wasn’t initially fond of Beer Leo at all – but it grew on me. That’s the first sign that you’re settling for lack of a better option. I don’t like Singha and I don’t like any of the other beers I’ve had here besides San Miguel which has a nice taste…

Since I can’t get Beerlao on tap or in a bottle – damn, or even in a can where I am – I decided to see if Jason knows what he’s talking about. I feared he was just biased because apparently this is Australian beer – and Jason is an Aussie.

With some kind of excitement brewing I bought two cans at 7-11. I hate cans – but that’s all they had. Keep in mind that if you’re taste-testing beer in Thailand – and you come upon some JUNK beer, try it a couple more times from different places, different locales because you might have just sucked down beer that sat in the sun for a long time. No beer tastes great after that. I’ve seen this beer reviewed as “horrible” before. I’d never call it that… anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I noticed it has 5.4% alcohol content – which is a bit less than Leo, so that was a plus. I’m used to drinking beer water in the USA at 2.5-3% alcohol so I don’t tend to like the high-alcohol content beers.

I added ice to my 7-11 Big Gulp plastic cup I have on hand for such occasions and poured one in. Light color. Hmm. As I drank it down I realized… I’ve no complaints. That’s odd.

I poured the next.

Damn, that’s decent beer.

It’s not Beerlao – but I think I’d rate it a touch above San Miguel. I think another taste-test is in order for San Miguel since it’s been 2 years since i had it last. Ok – will let you know.

As it stands Beerlao dark is my favorite beer EVER. That’s followed closely by Beerlao pale – or regular, whatever it’s called. Amazing beers those are – in Lao anyway, and freshly brewed… I’ve had mixed results in bottles in Thailand. If they sat out in 100 degree F weather they’re going to suck.

Archa beer from Australia is now my choice for number one beer I can always find in Thailand.

Anyone else try it?

Thanks Jason for the recommendation…