56 Deadly Cobras in Thailand House

Most visitors to Thailand will return to where they came from without having seen a snake of any kind. Though there are over 200 species of snake in Thailand, they are not so frequent that you’ll be tripping over them when you arrive. There are snakes all over, in the cities, in the country, but much more so in the countryside areas.

My friend Darren, lives in an area that borders what looks like a national park. He has seen a lot of different Thailand wildlife since moving in, and yet he has never had anything like this before. He called me up to come and get a couple cobras he had in the restroom. When I arrived, it was a free-for-all. Baby cobras were all over the place.

I picked up as many as we could find, and took them to a remote location to let go.

What to do if you find a snake in Thailand?

If you want to identify it before you either kill it or call someone, go to:


You can send photos to the email address found there, or fill out the info form and submit it if you have no photos. Be sure to be as descriptive as you can, it is quite difficult to ID a snake without a photo.

If you just want the snake removed from your home, contact your local police or ambulance crew – you know those guys that ride around in pickup trucks and pick up bodies off the street after a crash. The body snatchers. Call them and they will either come themselves to pick up the snake, or they will contact the local snake guy(s) for your area.


A Fast King Cobra Attacking (Video)

I love snakes. I’ve loved snakes since I was a little kid at 9 years old catching them in my grandmother’s back yard. She had garter snakes and once I saw a ribbon snake that was too fast to grab.

Here in Thailand there are over 200 snake species and many of them are venomous. If you don’t know the snake – please don’t pick it up and send me a photo at ThailandSnakes.com to ask me what kind of snake it is. Many of the snakes in Thailand can kill you – and fast – with or without treatment.

Anyway, I started ThailandSnakes.com as an outlet for my snake photos and videos, but also to provide information about snakes to help people understand them better. If you’ve seen a snake you have a photo of – send me a photo (high resolution is best) and I’ll try to identify it (info[{at}]thailandsnakes.com – remove brackets).

Here is a video I shot today of a VERY fast king cobra. The smaller the king cobra – the faster they are generally. This one was already 2 meters plus, but was wicked fast.