English Writer Needed: Hello Philippines?

There must be a couple of million people in the Philippines that could use some extra money – and yet I can’t seem to find one that can help me out with some writing projects I have.

I really need someone that can:

1. Do some online research for me. I’ll be creating ebooks and I need to have someone help me do research that will help me write the books.

2. Your English should be very strong and probably you have a degree in English from a university. You can write English well.

3. You know how to use Google, online forums, and other resources that help me find background information for my book topics.

4. You need a full-time, 8 hour per day job – 5 days/week.

5. You can accept Paypal or Western Union as a payment solution.

Write me if this is you!

thaipulse [{at]}gmail com