German Girl in Krabi has Thumb Cut Off by Thai on Chao Fa Road

Holy hell… this just rolled in.

Sunday night around 2 am. a German tourist had her thumb hacked off by a Thai 16 year old with a knife that stole her bag!

Chao Fa Road is the main tourist road in Krabi town, and usually quite safe – but at 2 am. there are few people around, and a couple Thai guys thought it would be ideal to cut someone to get a bag.

The full story is in PhuketGazette here. Some of it reposted below…

PHUKET: — Krabi Police arrested three teenagers and one 20-year-old yesterday after a gang cut off a German woman’s thumb during an early-morning bag snatch in Krabi Town, across Phang-nga Bay from Phuket.

Muang District Police Deputy Superintendent Chatchawan Ninchan said Hanna Zerlaut and Sina Maureen Beckert, both 21, were attacked while walking along Chaofa Road in Tambon Paknam, Krabi Town, at about 2 am on Sunday.

“The two women were walking along the street when ‘Dot’ and ‘Ae’ pulled up on a motorcycle to snatch the ladies’ bags, but the victims tried to fight them off.

“In the struggle Ms Zerlaut’s right thumb was cut off and Ms Beckert suffered cuts to her right arm and left index finger by a knife brandished by ‘Ae’,” said Lt Col Chatchawan.


On another note… My wife works with a volunteer organization in Krabi. An 18 year old volunteer from the United Kingdom was walking past Thara Park in Krabi Town, when she was approached by a Thai man that pulled out his penis and jerked off for her as she tried to get the hell away from him. This was in the middle of the day about 1pm.

Is Krabi safe for tourists?

In general, yeah, pretty safe. At least I thought so before this year.

Man Stabbed to Death on Busy Ao Nang, Krabi Beach Road

Monday I went out with the guys and on the way back we passed by a guy laying in the street, surrounded by about 100 some Thais and foreigners. He was bleeding profusely, and his motorbike had fallen in the other lane. We figured – motorbike accident.

Not so fast.

Today I was talking to the same friend I saw the scene with and he said what actually happened was far worse.

A Thai guy – middle aged, got on his motorbike and was stopped by another Thai in the middle of the street. The guy that stopped him stabbed him in the face, head, and heart numerous times with a sharp object – knife, or other.

He died right there in the street – as many people gathered.

Krabi is not typically a dangerous place for foreigners. Thai on Thai vengeance is swift and deadly though – you don’t want to really piss someone off – for ANY reason.

Be safe.