New 2016 MacBook Pro Line – Who Are They For?

The new MacBook Pros have just been announced. Traditionally, the Pro line has been for developers, content producers… writers, video editors, photographers, DJs… and yet they just dorked the keyboard substantially. The keyboard is completely different, and it sucks much worse than the MacBook Pro keyboards did prior to this update.

What they did was use a similar keyboard as the MacBook 12″ notebook they released about two years ago.

Nobody liked that one, and yet they just changed the entire MacBook line to use this junk keyboard.

Anyway – that’s my main take on it because that is most important part of the entire update. Sure the new MacBook Pros hav ethe new Touch Bar. It’s cool. That doesn’t even matter because the keyboard is so dorked.

Have a look at the video.

Will YOU be buying one of the new MacBook Pros?

Are you pissed that they are getting rid of the MacBook Air line instead of just throwing a retina screen on it?

Is there another computer you’re considering instead for your next upgrade?