Thailand Skydiving Adventure Close to Pattaya

Tandem Skydiving in Thailand
Tandem Skydiving in Thailand

Sometime in the next couple months this skydiving place will open in Sri Racha which is between Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand. I know nothing about the company, but they have cool skydiving photos on their site and I’m all for adding something exciting to do in Thailand to the current state of things. It’s now becoming clear to you why I’ve suddenly started featuring adventurous Thailand things to do on my blog for the first time in 2 years.

Many times I’ve thought of skydiving, but the idea of having someone strapped to my back that was in charge of whether I lived or died during a jump never appealed much to me. If I could take a course where I’m in charge of pulling the cord – just me, nobody else can reach that cord – I’d do it. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Is there such a thing as instant solo parachute jumps or does everyone need to go through tandem skydiving jumps before they’re able to do a solo free fall? I guess I’d even go for a static line jump if it was going to lead to a freefall after a few jumps. I find it incredible that there is a 5 or 6 hour course just to teach someone how to ride someone piggy-back after falling forward out of the plane.

Wouldn’t this suffice?

“Slowly ease your way out of the plane, when I say jump, we’re jumping. Once we’re in the air keep your hands wide. Look around if you can stand to open your eyes. Don’t move otherwise or you’ll throw us into an irrecoverable tailspin that will be the last thing either of us does.”

That would be enough to keep most students calm enough to have a safe experience I think. Covers everything you need to know. Oh, I guess you would want to know something about what to do when you land. Ok, must be a good idea this 5 hour school.

Have a look at the company’s web site, Thai Sky Adventures, if you’re looking for something a little more exciting than pounding a nail into the cross-section of a tree with the round end of a hammer.

But you’re not, are you?