Cost of Living – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Can YOU Survive on $500 Per Month Pension in Thailand?

VIDEO I just made at the end of 2017:

A guy I know did a video of him and his wife going through groceries they bought in Thailand to give us an idea of the cost of living. I think it would be helpful for expats considering moving over to Thailand to see what kind of things are available in the markets – and how much they cost. This is in Chiang Mai, where the prices might be higher than a smaller city like Trang, Ubon, or similar city.

Matt moved over from the US with his wife and baby boy. They’re making a run at staying long-term, I wish them luck.


Moving to Thailand Book

Moving to Thailand - Your 2nd Life Begins - book by Mike Fook
For $2.99 - can you go wrong?

Living in Thailand” was my first book about life in Thailand. Then I wrote “Thai Black Book” and last year I wrote “Moving to Thailand – Your 2nd Life Begins!“.

I tried to make this book the one-stop book for all your moving needs, but of course that is impossible. I didn’t know it was impossible until I tried, but I’ve come to that conclusion.

It is however, the best book available on the subject for the moment, and I do update it as I think of new material and get new suggestions from readers that have bought the book on Amazon or

Moving to Thailand covers how to go about it from some different perspectives. Some of you will want to move into nice digs, buy a house, and retire. Others will want to teach English. Others of you will want to live as cheaply as possible in Thailand and move on in a year.

This book has current pricing for apartments and other accomodations you can find in the country, as well as the salary expectations and cost of living you’ll face in different areas of Thailand. I try to give you the information you’ll need to narrow down your choices of WHERE to live in Thailand first. If you can choose an area you’ll be happiest in – that is probably the big key to whether you will enjoy staying in the country, or not.

Many of you have probably considered moving to Thailand and you think you cannot. If you are willing to live at a level that Thais live, you can live here on as little as 7,000 Thai Baht per month. My wife and I lived on 9,000 Thai Baht per month for over a year. Think you can’t? You don’t know until you try.

I priced this book very cheaply at $2.99. If you are in the US, Canada, and I think the UK – you can get it for that at

Moving to Thailand at ->

If you are elsewhere, Amazon adds $2 to the price.

Or, you can find this book at here.


Book description


Moving to Thailand can be an easy and fun transition with the help of this book.

After you move to Thailand you’ll notice some things:

1. You’re not stressed out over all the fear-mongering from the evening news, newspapers, and talk radio in your home country.
2. You don’t give a second thought to getting a ticket as you drive.
3. You’re eating healthier food than maybe you ever have.
4. There are more things to do in a boring part of Thailand than in some of the best places in your home country.
5. $1,000 USD goes really far!
6. You feel like a completely different person. In fact, you can BE a completely different person.

This moving to Thailand guide covers everything you’d want to know before you move.

This guide also covers ways to make money in Thailand in addition to teaching – which most expats find, works for a while, but not forever.

This is a realistic, and constantly updated guide (9/2010) that will help you ease into the transition of moving from abroad to the land of smiles.