Match the Bar Girl with Her REAL Boyfriend…

Thought I’d have a multiple choice question today…. It’s called, “Match the bar girl with her real boyfriend”…

a.) The guy that banged her last night for “short-time”

b.) The Thai guy that she gives money to every week so he can drink with his friends and not have to work (she really loves this guy from her heart)

c.) The guy she has a baby with in Isaan that her mother or sister is taking care of

d.) The guy she didn’t meet yet that’s gonna bang her tonight “short-time”

e.) The guy she took back to her village in Isaan 2 weeks ago that wanted to meet her family before they get married in 6 months

f.) The other guy sending 25,000 baht every month so she stays out of the bars because they are engaged

g.) The “tom” girl that she also gives money to and that she likes a lot, but is confused if it’s what she really wants

h.) One of the 57 other expats from around the world that routinely give her a go when they’re in town a couple times per year

Which one is the REAL boyfriend?

Which one are you?

I think my readers are too smart to fall for this one… or, they have already been here and seen the anti-bargirl and Pattaya expat rants and raves and go elsewhere for their humor.

Is there another type of Thai bar girl boyfriend I forgot?


Thailand’s Bargirls After?

Some guys start to get it after a while – maybe 6 trips or
so to Thailand, aka “Land of Smiles”. Some guys never
really get it… and they end up marrying a bargirl.

Bargirls are after one thing that you have, and it’s not
those cute dimples either, Skippy. It’s your cash. If you
have cash – you’re desireable. If not, you’re ignored.
See how the older guys with the least desirable looks
are the most sought after at the bar? Do you think the
girls are looking for LOVE or for something else?

Do you think a 25 year old Chinese-Thai girl from
Ubon that is college educated, has a good family and
job at her sister’s law firm would meet a fat train
engineer from Kentucky who is 60+ years old, fat,
smokes and drinks WAY too much, and pushes
her around when he comes to visit her in Ubon at
her family’s home is looking for LOVE IN
AMERICA when she agrees to marry him and
go with him there?

HA! Even this girl is not looking for love… she is
playing the game like the bargirls do – but not
NEARLY as good as they do. I know this girl
personally she is SO gorgeous, she has multiple
“Gigs” that she can meet with in Bangkok, Ubon,
Laos, and Malaysia. She was getting about
20,000b per MONTH from this guy in
Kentucky that was a real horrorshow. This guy
was a nutcase. He wanted her to come stay with
him on the farm! He processed her paperwork
and she was all ready to go when I met her.

I talked to her about this clown, and figured out that
he was about the WORST catch she could possibly
find on the internet. The guy had money – and she

This is a girl that HAD A LIFE here in Thailand,
but the desire to see America and to be able to go
get her Master’s degree there was so high on her
list of priorities that she was actually GOING
to do it.

I talked her out of it.

The guy raised holy hell with her – but she
stayed firm on her plan to not go after I talked
with her.

He still hounds her.

So, this is a decent girl…

A bargirl has less to give up here, so she’ll
be more ready to go.