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Thailand’s Sickest – a fiction work from Mike Fook, is free at the link below. You’ll sign up for Mike’s email list to get it, but if you don’t really want to be on it and notified of new books he’s putting out – just unsubscribe from the list after you get your book. You can have the file in any format you require for your ebook reader – PDF, ePub (for Apple devices and Nook), mobi (for your Kindle).

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Dead Bangkok – New Fiction Book by J D Villines

I was hooked after one chapter. Read the sample chapter at Amazon...

Dead Bangkok isn’t one of my books – wish it was though.

JD Villines sent me email today. He’d read one of my books and enjoyed it and wanted to connect author to author. If you too are an author, new or established, zap me a note and say HEY, who knows, we might live close or have something else in common besides writing books.

So JD told me he had this book, “Dead Bangkok” on Amazon. It was set in Thailand and was a bit bizarre. I found it in the Kindle Store – he also has a paperback version at the Amazon book search. The Kindle book was $4.99 – Amazon adds $2 for those of us in Thailand and just about anywhere outside of USA, Canada, UK, and Germany I think are the exceptions. Anyway – so – it might be as cheap as $2.99 for you, depending where in the world you are.

I downloaded the first chapter to the Kindle for iPhone and I had 10 minutes, so I read it.

Damn glad I did – that was the best writing I’ve seen come out of Thailand in a very long time. I know some will disagree with me – preferring John Burdett, S Leather, or one of the other guys. I do like some of their stuff as well. This new “Dead Bangkok” book though – was written JUST for me, it felt like. It hit me hard and made a great impression.

It was written so well that I wished I COULD write like that. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that in my life. Maybe twice.

So, I bought Dead Bangkok in Kindle ebook format, and I’ll read it when I have some time. Maybe a long car ride if I trust my lovely wife to drive while I vegetate.

Go have a look at the book if you’re looking for something new to read. First grab my “Thailand’s Sickest” and then if you still have money, go check out Mr. Villines’ book. Is that like villainous? Wow, what a name… I like that too.
Not nearly as much as I do “Mike Fook” – but, it’s a damn good name for a fiction writer.

Disclosure – if you click on one of those links and buy either book, I make something ridiculous like 4 cents on the dollar. That means if 600 people did it, I’d make enough to buy another ebook.

Giving Away 10 Free Copies of “Cleansed” EBook

The first 10 readers to email me and request a copy of “Cleansed” – a vigilante thriller set in Patong Beach, will receive it free. (ThaiPulse -[at]-g m a i l com)

Currently it sells here:

Cleansed ->

Thailand Writers Needed – Your Own eBooks

Thailand eBooks logo

Thailand based writers needed. Create your own ebooks and sell them through a digital publishing platform. You retain all rights to your work.

What’s an eBook?

A short, focused digital book usually in PDF format, but also in many other formats so the digital ereaders like Amazon’s Kindle, or the iPhone or iPod Touch can read it too.

Ebook Topics Needed?

Anything goes except something that might offend Thailand’s Royalty, or affect negatively Thailand Tourism or other business. Oh, you wouldn’t want to slander anyone either. Stay away from the usual “Farang in Jail for Telling it Like it Is” topics.


Idea. Write. Edit. Format. I can change to all the ebook formats for you. You can sell on my site and any other site you wish. You can sell it on your own if you wish too. If you sell at our site you’ll make 75% of net. At $9.95 per that’s about $6. Know what it would be if you wrote a paperback book? About $1.50 per book sale. If you produce multiple ebooks or have a great seller we can negotiate the split to be more in your favor. If you’re a well-known writer we may waive our commission altogether just to have your ebooks on our site.

What Formats Do You Create for Authors?

EPub, Mobi, PDF, TXT, LRF, RTF, literally everything that ereaders use. No charge to convert your books. Your formatting has to be right – I can give you formatting tips before you submit your final product to me. As new formats are created – we add those too. When (if) the new Apple iPad comes out we’ll have a format that will work on it.

Why eBooks?

Here’s a list of 50 reasons why ebooks are better. From an author’s point of view I know you can come up with a few more.

Where Will my eBooks be Sold?

One of two sites:

ThailandeBooks.com – ebooks focused on Thailand topics.

AsiaBlackBooks.com – a site dedicated to only ebooks pertaining to Asia. Write about Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, you know – Asia.

7 E-Books at ThaiPulse.com

I decided to make all the e-books available at ThailandeBooks.com since I know they’ll sell better there.

E-Books available at ThailandeBooks.com:

  • Joy’s Thai Food Recipe E-Book, 99 pages of Authentic Thai Food Recipes
  • Joy’s Top 20 Thai Desserts Recipe E-Book, 50 pages of great Thai desserts
  • Thailand’s Sickest, Mike Fook Novel of vigilantism in Patong Beach, Thailand.
  • Living in Thailand, by Pete Mees. An expats first couple years
  • 22-Day Meditation Course (meditation without religion)

4 Books to Read on Vacation in Thailand!

I don’t read books much anymore, but spending a lot of time on the trains and buses over the course of my time traveling around Thailand I picked some used books up just to stave off the boredom that builds up on a 12 hour trip. I don’t have an IPod video gadget and my laptop battery is done in 90 minutes to 2 hours depending what I’m doing.

Books don’t need batteries. The following books are the ones I really recommend.

I never read books in their entirety. When I hit a spot that the book starts to get boring or is about something I could give a yank about, I skip it. Sometimes I skip whole chapters, sometimes I skip the whole middle of a book! With this list of books I skipped very little. In fact, I think only the Girls, Guns, and ganga did I skip anything at all.

Read these!

Books about Asia that were good…

Girls, Guns, and Ganga…
A free-flowing book that got me to identify with this guy’s easy going lifestyle… but he was wrecked on drugs a lot of the time!

The Bangkok Hilton –

Story of a girl from England that was put in jail in Thailand and England for a long, long time for attempting to transport drugs country to country. This one is a sad story that is about a serious mistake and loss of freedom for so many years… If I’m mistaken about the title of this one let me know – I read two about westerners that were in jail here – one was an English girl – and that’s the book I liked… there was another one – and I hope I’m not confusing them…!

Books about Asia that i’ve read recently that ripped my heart out..

The Sorrow of War – Bao Ninh

This one is from the perspective of a guy in the Vietnam war… the part about him having a girl that he loved and that loved him at the beginning and what that turned into – and then what happened at the very end as it’s revealed is farking heartbreaking and takes “sick” to a new level…

The Sorrow of War
Bao Ninh
[translated from the Vietnamese]
Minerva 1994

Bao Ninh’s The Sorrow of War is a powerful Vietnam war novellete. Sometimes there is difficulty understanding from which perspective it’s being written – and that’s cool! Kien, is the writer. The story jumps backward and forward in time between the events. Kien looks at the whole timeline of his life, but the majority is on the events of the war – from his perspective.

3 September 1995

First they killed my father…

This is a story about the Cambodian Kmer Dynasty nightmare. Just ridiculous the amount of hell that the Cambodians endured for not really understanding what was going to happen to them or why it was happening. This one tells the story from a little girl’s perspective. Her family is forced to work on the farm and she is one tough little girl – but it kills you to know that she is so tough at this very young age…

Here are some other books at ThailandeBooks.com you should check out – readable on iPhone, Blackberry, Mac, PC, etc…

Learn the Thai Alphabet in 1-Hour! – the easiest way to learn the Thai Alphabet.

Cleansed vigilante fiction set in Patong Beach by Mike Fook.

Living in Thailand are you relocating to Thailand? What will your move be like? Find out here before you move.

Moving to Thailand relocating to Thailand.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching in Thailand Finally a book that covers everything!

25 Ways to Make Money in Thailand without Teaching Teaching works for some, but for most? Nah, they tire of it or don’t try it in the first place. Here are other ways to make cash while in Thailand.

Joys Thai Food Recipes Joy’s 50 best, 100% authentic Thai recipes. A classic!

Joys Thai Dessert Recipes Joy’s TOP 20 Thai dessert recipes. A must have!