Next Year Thailand Can Think About Electric Cars & Nuclear Power

This guy Adam Carolla came out of nowhere some years back. I can’t remember where I was on a long distance trip and I kept pulling this station in from Los Angeles or somewhere… he seemed like a clone of me – except he had a better way of voicing his opinion on the air.

Fast forward to 10 minutes ago when I played this video clip at this page:

Adam’s Nuclear Power & Electric Cars rant ->

The guy IS me. He’s angry about the way life is going here and shows it… The words he chooses aren’t so well placed – the cursive… I could do that better, but he’s definitely thought a whole lot about the nuclear power issue and there wasn’t much I wanted to argue with him about.

Gotta watch more of his videos, this could be just what I needed.

I’m hoping someone in Bangkok tunes this guy in a couple times a week – I think he could straighten out not only our country (USA), but Thailand too.

After Thailand gets this whole Red Shirt, Yellow Shirt, Bloody Shirt thing sorted they’ll be ready to tackle some meaningful topics of daily living, like how to bring the tourists back, where to find teachers, and creating clean nuclear energy.

Thailand Electrical Outlets Are a #*$*)#!

Everything to do with Thailand electricity is a Bitch.

I’ve lived in 10 houses/flats/mansion rooms in Thailand. I’ve been increasingly frustrated with all things electrical in the country, beginning with a 220 volt line throwing me down onto the bed I was standing on in Koh Lanta as I put it back up on the wall it just fell off of… this was about 2 months after arriving in the country.

That was followed up by nearly all places I’ve stayed not having grounded electricity and so I was shocked on my computer, cell phone as it charged, and anything electrical. That gets to suck pretty good after a while. Definitely after 30-40 times it does.

I’ve grabbed the 220 volt exposed wires twice as I reached for light switches that were not installed well – and I actually reached around the back of the covers on both and got REAL good jolts I was able to fall away from and disconnect.

I’ve had 2 electrical outlets smoking behind a wall and had to call the landlord ASAP.

But you know the thing that grates my nerves like cheese?

Why don’t the frickin’ plugs go into the wall socket EASILY and without damaging them? How hard would that be to make the things smooth to plug something in?

It’s like I have to JAM every plug in this house – into the outlet, and it doesn’t go in nicely – EVER. You know the square peg round hole IQ routine docs give to kids that can’t tie their shoes by 14 years old?

The place I’m in now is a couple million THB and it has 3 baht electrical outlets. WTF?

Anybody else have the same junk outlets??? I’ve had these crap outlets about 7 out of 10 places I stayed.

At least the electric is grounded in this house… so I should be thankful, right?

But I’m not – because besides the outlets I have to jam plugs into, I don’t even have electricity for hours at a time if the wind is blowing hard or if it’s raining. For some reason the electrical service in MANY cities, many places… goes out when wind starts.


I needed a good rant. Thailand has a lot of great stuff going on… but anything to do with electricity – is like living in the stone-ages.

3G? We can’t even get consistent electricity! 3G! ha!

My next rant? Thailand water… buying water from the idiots on the truck that don’t clean the bottles between uses, and so there’s a green fungi growing in the bottom.

That’s another day – hopefully I won’t feel like ranting again anytime soon – too much to do.