Bangkok Floods – Flooding is Devastating Bangkok & Thailand

We’re having trouble getting certain items of food. Gasoline – 91 Octane, is in short supply often. What we’re experiencing as a result of the Bangkok floods is literally “nothing” compared to what those that are there – and going through it.

Many people say foreigners don’t care about Thais and Thailand – but, I think it’s QUITE wrong. I think foreign expats living in Thailand love the country on the whole – and want only the best for Thais. It’s hard to see why the Thai government expends a lot of effort to make living here more difficult for us year after year.

Here is a video – a story about something that happened yesterday to a local expat. He’s Australian and has been living in Thailand about 7 years now. He speaks fluent Thai. He obviously loves Thailand and the Thai people quite a bit. He evacuated from his condo and has found a place to go. There are many people in Bangkok that don’t even know where to go.

The national parks that are not affected by the floodwaters, are offering free places to stay for those that need to escape the floodwaters. Tell anyone you know to help spread the word.

Flooding in Krabi, Surat, Nakhon, Most Southern Thailand Provinces

Krabi Flood - southern Thailand
In back of our house... a river emptying into the bay.

I shot some video of flooding in southern Thailand yesterday.

It was bad yesterday, some say will get worse over the next few days…

Krabi Flooding March 29, 2011 – Floods Over Southern Thailand. Part 1

Khao Phanom Bencha mountain – had a landslide and 10-12 are dead and 100-200 are missing.

Not a good time to visit the south for the next couple of days. Krabi roads washed out. A bridge was out – I think fixed now. Many didn’t go to work – so stores not open so much.

Damns in Surat and Khao Phanom to be opened to let off some water in next few hours. Hope that doesn’t flood us out again.