2011 Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Dates

I found the Shark can (like Red Bull in Thailand) with the 2011 Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Dates tonight so I thought I’d write it up real quick. I know many come to Thailand and can’t miss it. I’ve been here for years and never once went. Just not my scene.

2011 Full Moon Party Dates in Koh Phangan, Thailand

January 19 – Wednesday

February 18 – Friday

March 19 – Saturday

April 18 – Monday

May 17 – Tuesday

June 15 – Wednesday

July 15 – Friday

August 13 – Saturday

September 12 – Monday

October 12 – Wednesday

November 10 – Thursday

December 10 – Saturday

So, there you have it – the monthly Koh Phangan Full Moon Party dates where you can stay up all night getting blasted out of your noodle and not remember where your hotel is – if you even have one.