Thailand FAQ: Thailand’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know if I mentioned the Thailand FAQ I did at my main site ( but a while back I decided to start pulling together a lot of different resources into one big page of links to help people that were trying to answer some questions about Thailand.

The result so far is here “Thailand FAQ“.

Here’s a special  Thailand Snakes FAQ I just made. Don’t miss my website that has a lot of information about snakes to avoid in Thailand – there are dozens.

If you have something to add, shoot me an email and tell me about whatever it is and I’ll add it if it fits.



Have a Good Heart? Give Rino Something If You Can.

Rino, a Boy in Thailand Needs Heart Operation - Ebstein's Anomaly

Rino Mangon Vogt was born in August 2000 on Koh Samui, Thailand. He just found out recently his heart isn’t up to par. He just turned 10 years old and he has been diagnosed with a congenital heart condition: Ebsteins Anomaly, a problem with a valve that didn’t form perfectly.

Here’s a video made by his father giving an update:

If you can give a few baht – it will go to good use. If you have a child you can probably feel this man’s plight – like I do.

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