Illegal to have XXX Porn of ANY SORT in Thailand?

Thailand Porn is Illegal

– and there can be harsh penalties for it.

I know a guy who was doing erotic photography in Thailand for years. He knew some people. We were constantly being kept up to date on photographers getting deported from Thailand back to their home country because of shooting porn in Thailand.

I heard a story recently – not sure how it went down exactly, I’ll ask my g/f to get the Thai paper which might explain it in better detail. But, for some reason an English man was arrested for just HAVING some porn on his computer and CD’s. Though I certainly don’t keep anything on my computer, it’s a fact of life that a massive percentage of expats and Thais go to porn websites in Thailand and get off, and do it again tomorrow. Those pics are in your browser cache unless you took steps to ensure they are not.

Anyway, there was a search warrant from the Pattaya Provincial Court… so police raided the guy’s room on Soi Boekeow. They found 300+ pornographic CD’s and some photo albums.

Police suspected this 75-year-old man was selling the images to his friends. Suspected? So, he might not have sold anything at all – and the images were for his own personal (solitary) enjoyment?

What the hell? Sounds shady to me. I’m really hoping that the Thai police had something more than suspecting the guy just had general porn depicting consenting adults. If it was child porn, I’m all for busting his dumb ass and letting him rot forever in a Thai prison. BUT, since there was no mention of anything the guy did wrong other than having porn and that they “suspected” him of selling it… what the hell is that?

This is the kind of thing that gets me scared – I can’t even have some photos on my computer – or in my possession that the Thai police, courts, or other government censors consider to be “porn”?

Chances are we’ve ALL got porn in the cache that our internet browsers store until we clear it. And then, it’s not really gone as you’d have to wipe and re-write over top of the images you deleted until there was no trace of them.

You know what else is scary? The police are already on record of having said they “suspected” the guy of selling the images… so, if they find no evidence of him having sold pornography in Thailand you think they’ll “FIND” some evidence of it anyway to charge him with? Loss of face being what it is… I’d guess that since they went so far as to arrest a UK national over this… and you know what?

You know what else is scary?

If they found 300 CDs of pornographic material – all of it adult and none of it outrageously strange enough that the UK or Americans would call it illegal pornography…. and they’ve arrested the guy… and they know the rest of the world is vehemently against (at least in the statutes) any sort of child pornography. Well, something could happen I guess. A folder planted. Probably not out of the bounds of possibility in Thailand.

I’d not want to be this guy at this point in time – the Thais having just arrested that idiot from Canada on child pederasty and other charges.

I’m all for sending the child pornographers and abusers a strong message – like – we’ll hang you, balls up from a treetop if we find you…

But first, they’d need to find and prosecute a few thousand of their own on the same charges before I’d really believe they gave two shites about the problem.

Update: Jesus man, finally my slow internet connection loaded that page fully and I just saw the photos of the police hauling away this guy’s stash of porn – it wasn’t just a couple photo albums, the guy’s porn collection filled the back of a pickup truck! hahahha! That’s great stuff… just hope for his sake that none of it involves youngsters.

From the Pattaya City News Site:

We joined the Tourist Police as they conducted a raid of room number 95 at the Diana Estate in Soi Boekeow on Tuesday Afternoon on the strength of a search warrant issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court. The room occupant is Mr. Alan Charles Mawson aged 75 from England who was suspected of possessing indecent images. A search of the room took place and officers found photo albums and pornographic CDs. More than 100,000 indecent images and more than 300 pornographic CDs were confiscated and Mr. Marson was placed under arrest and taken to the Tourist Police Station. We understand that Police suspect that Mr. Mawson was selling images to friends; however this is still under investigation. It is also known that he has been collecting these images over many years and other residents were aware of his actions. The British Embassy in Bangkok are monitoring the case and will offer consular services to the suspect if required.

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