What’s the Maximum Passenger Limit on Longtail Boat?

I just saw on Channel 39 a longtail with 16 passengers (at least – I couldn’t count them all as fast as I needed to) and 2 staff.

It was a segment about whether the red shirt rally was going to affect tourism.

Does anyone know – how many passengers on a longtail? Are there different size longtails with different passenger limits?

Just wondering… I’ve always been told no more than 6 passengers I think it is.

Krabi, Thailand Video Clip

I found this video clip of Krabi – off a blog I’ve never seen. The video is nice and comes with some mellow music… I was in the mood for this today so I’ll share it. Thailand is not just one of the most beautiful and exotic places on the planet – but, it’s one of the most laid back places… Krabi, Thailand Video – starting at Noppharat Thara Beach and visiting the islands off-shore.

Here are a couple things to do in Krabi if you’re visiting (about 100):

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Bungy Jumping in Thailand >

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