Motorcycle Accidents in Thailand – Gruesome Video

Thailand’s holiday season is here – and just a little reality check for those of you driving around the country during the next few weeks. This holiday, like every other, is sure to be filled with many of these tragic motorbike accidents. I’ve seen so many, they blur in my mind by now.

A couple that stand out…

  • The bus I was on in Udonthani hit a cow – knocking it flat – first, and then later – a girl on a motorbike on the same trip.
  • 4 bodies laying sprawled all over the road in a 2 motorbike crash in Ubon – nobody moving, a lot of blood.
  • By far the worst thing I’ve seen is bodies covered up on the street by blue plastic after a motorbike accident, and yet one thing – in the middle of the street – was left bare. Someone’s brain was left there on the street. Literally – just sitting there on the road. There was a crowd of people looking at it, trying to come to grips with how it happened. Me too. (Click here for brain story)

Motorcycle accidents result in a lot of blood, and it isn’t just motorbike riders without helmets, but it’s the attitude of drivers in cars, trucks, and dump-trucks that they drive however the hell they want, and everyone behind or merging with traffic – adjust.