Yamaha Nouvo SX 125 (Replaces Elegance 135) FI – Thailand 2012

There is a new Yamaha Nouvo Nouvo released in Thailand recently under the name Nouvo SX, and though I haven’t seen any on the streets yet – Thailand’s Yamaha dealers do have some. Apparently they will come in about 5 color schemes if the brochure can be believed. I saw one in a silver and purple style that I didn’t like so much, as well as this black with florescent yellow highlights style – as the video below shows.

These new Nouvos are 125’s and not 135 any longer. I asked the dealer about 9 times whether the one I took video of here was a 135 – he said yes, 9 times. I asked him in Thai for some of those times too since loy sam sip hah sounds nothing like loy yee sip hah. He said loy sam sip hah. Now I’ve been looking everywhere for more information on a 135 Nouvo for 2012. There is no such thing. Nouvos are fuel injected – so they may lose top speed compared to last year’s model. I have a Mio 125cc – without FI from last year, and it’s quite quick. Top speed is horrible, but it’s so quick I don’t mind so much. If this 125 Nouvo is significantly faster on the top end – say, if it can hit and sustain 125 – we’d buy it. I really doubt it is going to do that for a max speed – yet alone hold it for a 2 hour trip to a distant city.

I like the Yamaha Nouvo’s for a couple reasons:

1. Faster than most scooters – almost all of them.
2. Stable ride at speed – the large diameter wheels steady the bike quite a bit versus say a “Yamaha Mio”.
3. More cushy ride with 1 or 2 people – dual shocks/springs.
4. More comfortable ride with 2 people – bigger seat, more comfortable foot pegs for passenger.
5. Tubeless tires – no flats!
6. The dashboard instruments used to have a very cool blue glow… though that has changed with this Nouvo SX – which has every color of the rainbow represented on the dash – not cool.

Anybody have one? Anybody know the max speed of these new 2012 Nouvo 125 Elegance bikes?

Update: I saw another demo at the Big C and asked the guy there if there was any 135cc Nouvo – he said, no, there are none in Thailand anyway.