Aussie’s Car Shot at in Chiang Mai?

I didn’t see anything of this in Thailand – sure I miss stuff, but this seems like a big deal.

Melbourne teacher’s car allegedly shot at in Thailand
Posted July 12, 2011 08:18:00
A Melbourne teacher was treated in hospital after her car was allegedly shot at during a school trip in the north of Thailand.
Two teachers, from Ringwood Secondary College, were travelling in a car near Chiang Mai when the front windscreen shattered on Sunday.
One of the teachers, Lynda Cody, suffered a minor injury to the back of her head.
Thai police are investigating the incident and told the teachers their car may have been shot at.
The teachers were escorting a group of students to Thailand, but none of the students was in the vehicle.
They are due to return home on Wednesday.
The assistant principal has travelled to Thailand to provide support for the teachers.

I found it here:

Update – apparently the woman was shot in the back of the head… luckily the bullet passed through glass and the headrest first before striking her! Christ, now we have this to worry about in Thailand?

Is Thailand Safe to Live? Safe to Visit?

I’ve posted related to this topic a number of times, but never did a video about it. Recently I even talked my mother into considering making a journey to Thailand – so, that’s news. Is Thailand a safe place for a vacation? For living long-term? I try to answer the question in the video and provide some helpful guidelines.

In short, the answer is – Thailand is safe to visit or live. There are some things you should be aware of, but there are something like 100,000 expats living in Thailand – and I think overall the feeling is that it’s a safe country to live in.

What do you think? Are you fearing for your life in Thailand?

Thailand’s Future and Other Possibilities

Thailand elections are coming up in July and we’re only like a 1.5 months away. Once again, uncertainty fills the air. It’s hard to imagine a country with this much flux can carry on as it does… and yet it sure does. Thailand is resilient. Apparently investors aren’t scared off by the prospect of whatever might happen in Thailand up until this point because – it just hasn’t been THAT bad. Sure it’s been bad, the way political parties and groups kill each other off is disturbing. The way people get shot at during protests is disturbing as hell.

But the thing is… Thailand keeps right on rolling because there hasn’t been a really major event – an uprising. A revolt. A revolution.

Is such a thing coming to the streets of Bangkok this year? To the smaller districts?

I’ll venture a “no” guess. Not yet. But, I don’t see anything really good happening this year – Thailand united behind one Prime Minister and government. If Thaksin’s younger sister wins – the military may have a coup. If the yellow shirts win there may be a revolt. Either way – just not much chance of anything great happening.

Over the past few years I’ve been trying to figure out, as you probably have if you’re an expat living in or spending a lot of time in the country – is it still safe to be here? That question is almost always, unless you’re living in Bangkok or the deep south – YES. It’s safe.

Is it smart to remain here?

That’s the other question. As expats we have other options at home. Most of us do. Personally I could make enough money to pay the bills and get back into American society – if I could stand it. I’m not sure I could. I don’t see the US as a great alternative to Thailand.

I wish I had another alternative. Don’t you?

The Philippines is some place I’ve never wanted to live – the food really. I just couldn’t take the local food on a long-term basis. I’m sure of that. I had a lot of it in Hawaii – and had my fill really. I’m done with that. Chicken Adobo is great… the rest of it, you can keep.

I like Indonesian food – but don’t think it would be a great transition from Thailand. Anybody done that?

I like Japanese food – but they seem to have zombie problems up there at the moment.

I like Indian food – to beat all. Is there a quiet place in India where I wouldn’t run into annoying Indian business people much? I think I would love India – but quite honestly, after living in NYC, and experiencing them in Penang, Malaysia and some parts of Thailand – I just couldn’t stand it. Is that what living in India is like? Anybody know a great place in India to live and have a peaceful life?

Laos is pretty damn sleepy, and the food is OK – almost Thai-like. I don’t think it is a good place for expats. I’ve talked to expats that live there and they are followed around a lot. That’s weird enough to turn me off the country.

Singapore seems like the USA – or worse.

Malaysia might be OK. They also have a lot of political issues, corruption, and other undesirable elements, but maybe for expats it’s pretty OK for living. Anybody done that?

China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, those places never interested me at all.

Vietnam might be a place to consider. I have heard it is a little more harsh than Thailand. Meaning, the people aren’t as nice and smiley as Thais. LOL. Is it as safe for foreigners in Vietnam as it is in Thailand? Anybody?

Which brings us to Cambodia. Sure, the only decent place for foreigners in the country might be Phnom Penh, and even that has a very limited infrastructure for expats. But, it’s damn easy to stay there and create a business. They have great food (the foreign restaurants). Cambodia seems like an alternative in some ways. In others, no.

The people are living in squalor, but that means there is a lot of opportunity to help them. I’d love to try. Wouldn’t want to move my family there though.

So, for the time being… Thailand is it. If Bangkok erupts in flames and bullets – we’re far enough away not to catch any of it. I hope it always remains that way.

You have any reservations about staying in Thailand for the foreseeable future? What about long-term? Five years from now – will you still be in Thailand?

Is Thailand Safe (Feb 2010) for Visitors?

Again – the question.

I have same answer as always… Thailand as a country – is safe. Come and visit and ignore the craziness going on – if there is any.

Bangkok is probably not safe at this time – as 2 embassies – AUS and CA (That’s Canada… lol) have issued statements that Bangkok might not be a good place to be in the near future.

Tourists are not being targeted. Have they EVER been? Not from my understanding of it all.

Stay away from Bangkok and the southernmost 3 provinces and you’ll likely be fine. Things are coming to a head soon because Thaksin Shinawatra, ex PM is set to lose about 2 billion US Dollars. Of course he doesn’t want that to happen. He has millions of followers, mostly in the northeast of Thailand – the red shirt country.

Look for some excitement in the next few weeks… or a total non-issue.