Thailand Camera – Nikon D7000 – Available in Stores

Nikon D7000 DSLR camera, available in Thailand for under $2K
57,000 THB at Big Camera, Thailand. Worth it if you can't find it anywhere else?

Though you can’t find this Nikon camera at Amazon or anywhere else in the USA that I looked because they are sold-out, you CAN find the Nikon D7000 in “Big Camera” Shops here in Thailand, just sitting there on display.

Of course the price is jacked WAY up, but still – you could buy one if you wanted to. Last price I saw for the Nikon d7000 DSLR with the 18-105 VR kit lens was 57,000 THB. That equates to about $1,900 USD. But, there’s not usually any tax charged – it’s built into the price.

Buying the latest digital camera, phone, or computer technology in Thailand is sometimes difficult, sometimes impossible. Bangkok often has tech gadgets almost as soon as they are released in the USA, Tokyo, Singapore, or wherever they start out… and yet the smaller cities in Thailand don’t get good tech for a long time after that. Recently I saw iPads and Macbook Airs – new and old – in computer shops, and phone shops in smaller Thailand towns.

Big Camera doesn’t carry all the Nikons – just some of them. I haven’t, for instance, seen the D5100 at all yet. The D3100 – they have. The D3 – they have – in their catalog, but not on display.

Big Camera isn’t flexible (from my experience in trying) about selling just the camera body – without the kit lens. If it comes with a kit lens, that’s all they will sell you.

Anybody else find a Nikon d7000 in Thailand for a better price?