Don’t forget you have a CAMERA on your Phone!

Reading the story below I was also reminded of a girl
in the USA that took photos of an attempted
kidnapper’s car license plate as he drove off – with
her cell phone camera.

I can’t recall the number of times I’ve been teaching
and wish I had a camera to capture an especially
funny or dramatic moment, and then I later realized
I had a cell-phone camera that would have done the

The story below is really quite funny. I don’t think
in reality this would happen more than once in a 100
years, but it’s a good short read anyway…

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Camera-phone prevents kidnap attempt


Talk about the power of media–and multimedia.

On Saturday morning, the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) general manager and his family narrowly escaped a kidnapping or hijacking attempt while driving in the province of Batangas.

The hero who came to their rescue? A journalist who scared off the would-be kidnappers or hijackers by shouting that he was from the media while shooting video using his camera-phone.
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Proactive calls from TOT to fix my internet?

My g/f answered the phone yesterday – they had already hung up.

She called back. They asked which house she’s calling from. I heard her tell her the complex we live in… I said, WHO IS THAT?

She said they said they’re from the internet place. I said, TOT? She said she didn’t know.

Apparently these guys were NOT from TOT – and they didn’t know where our house was or anything… but they knew her phone number which is on the account for TOT 1MB download ADSL that we have in Surat.

They wanted to come out and look at our house! I said, NO. They said that they will help the line go faster. I said to my g/f – tell them that we don’t need any help. She hung up.

We called TOT. They said that they hadn’t started charging us yet for the service until we agree that we’re getting good speed out of our connection… but that they hadn’t had anyone from TOT call us.

So – these guys got numbers from the TOT accounts and are using them to either convert people from TOT and into their own broadband service – or are scamming by putting spyware on the computer or something that listens to the line – or whatever.

Be careful with this! If anyone calls you and doesn’t know where you live for a service you signed up for – never tell them. Not many people – not any? are pro-active about calling you up to see how everything is working out for you with a new service.

I’ve not heard of that yet – anyone heard of anyone doing that?


iPod Killer! Apple creates the iPhone… Will Thailand get it?

iPhone in Thailand? That’s one of the questions I have about Apple’s new iPhone. If we can’t get it here in Thailand then I’m not going to get all worked up over it.

I’ve been wondering what the latest announcements were going to be from Apple – there was some speculation that they would announce an iphone sometime this year – but, it’s HERE now… officially. Yet, on the apple web site it says they cannot sell them yet! Somethng about an FAA license or something… hmmm

The photo on their site says the iphone will be with Cingular wireless – but, will it come to Thailand? Surat Thani? Singapore?

See the iPhone at the apple site >

I’ve been wondering about which phone to get that would keep me in touch with everything I need to be in touch with. I’m writing like 8 blogs that I need to stay in touch with. If this iphone comes with a keyboard then I could update by iphone by sending email to update my blogs.

Right now I have a Motorola e680i – which is awesome… and yet I really want something with a longer battery life. This one needs charged daily and I’d like to get away from that hassle. However, the new iPhone has a 3 1/2 inch display – widescreen for video like the iPod- and I can’t imagine that it’s going to get much out of the battery. BUT, if by chance it DOES – I’ll get one. That’s the only factor I can see that makes it iffy.

This is a quad band phone with wireless, and wifi enabled for high speed internet AND EDGE technology which we have here in Thailand – only in Bangkok, but we have it!

It has 4gb or 8gb of memory internal. It has a 2 megapixel camera. It of course has all video ipod features. It has mac 0s10 or 11. It has a safari web browser and pop email capabilities. AND a bunch of other stuff.

But, the big thing is – how long does the battery last? Ok, I found the detailed specs… pasted below:

Technical SpecificationsScreen size 3.5 inches
Screen resolution 320 by 480 at 160 ppi
Input method Multi-touch
Operating system OS X
Storage 4GB or 8GB
GSM Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)
Wireless data Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + EDGE + Bluetooth 2.0
Camera 2.0 megapixels
Battery Up to 5 hours
Talk / Video / Browsing
Up to 16 hours
Audio playback
Dimensions 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches / 115 x 61 x 11.6mm
Weight 4.8 ounces / 135 grams

Hmmm… up to 5 hours – means – if you’re using the wifi and the browser you’re a gonna get about a 1/5th of that. My phone too says an inflated time… and I can use it for about 1.4 hours online before it dies… or I can use the blue tooth connection in it to connect my laptop wirelessly to the internet – but it will only last a short while – about an hour. :(

It is a very lightweight iphone – I wonder if they’ll make a heavy duty battery. I wonder lots of stuff – let’s see what happens.

Skeptical, but hopeful…

The iPhone is Coming, the iPhone is Coming! (Relax, not until 2008!)

Yeah, the iPhone IS coming to Thailand!

In 2008.

That is how long the FCC license is going to take to get approved for Asia! Is that nuts!???

Will the new iphones show up on eBay before this date? I’m not familiar with the usual timeline for this stuff. I’m thinking that when they do come out in the USA this year sometime then at that point the unlocked iphones will be on eBay and selling. Do these things have a space for a sim card for us in Asia?

The FCC license will be OK for Europe in the last part of 2007 as well, so – Europe uses SIM cards too – so maybe sometime soon.

In the meantime, as a coincidence I saw that NOKIA just released a cool phone -the n900 or n800 or something. It has a large screen, wifi enabled, LINUX operating system -which is very fast and stable – and it has a QWERTY keyboard, TOUCHSCREEN, built in speakers, and a host of other stuff – all of it brilliant… and the phone is supposed to be available in the USA – NOW.

Here is a pic…

Youtube Video for n800 phone >

Wow, I just watched that video… this phone has the Opera 8 browser running on Linux… it’s fast. The thing that’s great -and what my Motorola e680i phone does not have is – this n800 can see video and multimedia in the browser! NICE!.

Here are the N800 specs:

Photos of the device has previously been released, but now the specs are available for the device. The N800 has a 4.1 inch, 800×480 touch screen, 380MHz processor, dual SD memory card slots, 802.11b/g WiFi, 256 MB of Flash ROM, 128 MB of RAM, Bluetooth 2.0, and a built-in camera.

A further update…

After looking online for a bit there are two new MOTO Q’s coming out – a Moto Q gsm model and a q9 model, both of which have nearly everything the iPhone has, and MORE. And they’ll be available this year… one of them in the 2nd quarter and the other in the 2nd half of 2007. Both of which give them a lead on the iPhone.

I think that NOKIA’s E61i, these two Motorolas, the Samsung phones that are coming out – i600 and i760 I believe, as well as the Toshiba and the DOPODS and new Blackberries… all of these will be better options that Apple’s video focused iPhone which adults don’t really care that much about anyway.

A couple days ago I bought a Nokia e65 that has EVERY connectivity option that I can think of. The screen dims itself too. It has transflash cards – very small – and can hold – 2gb at present. That WILL be upgraded by the time 2008 rolls around. I’m betting on it.

EDGE service is making these smartphones a smartbuy since one no longer needs to buy a wireless PCMCIA AIRCARD to access EDGE services. Your phone doubles as the modem for your notebook computer now.

Life is getting good!

Steve Jobs Announces iPhone Accelerometer (ThaiPulse!)

Steve Jobs iPhone Accelerometer announcement at ThaiPulse!
Here’s a quote from Jobs about the sensors it’s outfitted with: “We’ve also got some stuff you can’t see–3 advanced sensors. It’s got a proximity sensor, bring the iPhone to your ear and your display shuts off and touchscreen shuts down. Ambient light sensor–adjusts brightness, saves power. Third thing is an accelerometer, it can tell whether you’re in landscape and portrait.” Also, if you’re rawking out and you start blowing up (you know, if, like, someone calls you), the iPod function automatically fades out the music to take the phone call.

iPhone, the IPOD KILLER… (Apple Kills it)

iPhone > the iPod KILLER!

Leave it to Apple to instigate their own demise!
The new iPhone does everything the iPod video player does, and 9 times more.

Now, assuming this is going to be available here in Thailand – I’m going to get excited at some point this year. It looks like they have an agreement with Cingular – but, who knows? Maybe that only covers the contract in the USA for 2 years exclusively and doesn’t apply to overseas markets. Maybe the iphone is easily hacked and we’ll start seeing them on eBay shortly after they show up in retail stores.

Sure they’ll start at 40,000 Thai Baht ($1000 USD) on eBay for an unlocked iphone, but what the heck… if it really has all the bells and toots they’re saying it does – people will be lining up to buy them. I’m likely going to buy one if microsoft doesn’t turn it’s ZUNE into an iPhone killer! lol… joking of course.

See – this gives a preview of what’s online for this year – 2007. This might be the year of wifi, bluetooth 2.0, widescreen touchscreen phone devices with EDGE and everydamnthingelse. I’m excited for what the next announcements might be from Sony, Nokia, Motorola and the rest of them too. Sure, the iPhone appears to be supercool right now. And, if there’s nothing challenging it – it will be scooped up like lollipops. But, if someone else has something… and it’s maybe CHEAPER than this iphone beast is going to be… well then.

We’ll have to see that – won’t we?

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