2 Canadian Sisters Die in Phi Phi Palms Residence, Krabi, Thailand Hotel

I rarely post any more here, but just wanted to get this up so more people will be aware of it.

Two sisters, Noemi Belanger, 26 and Audrey Belanger, 20, just died in their hotel room at Phi Phi Palms Residence on the island of Phi Phi in Krabi province, Thailand this week. An autopsy for both girls is planned – of course, hopefully done in Canada.

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There have been a number of people dying in hotel rooms on Phi Phi island in Krabi over the past couple years. Whether it is bed-bug pesticide, or someone spiking their drinks with GHB or something else – is unknown. The last 3 people to die there before these sisters – cause of death – inconclusive.

Here are some of the possibilities – this isn’t an exhaustive list, but a start…

1. Someone is spiking tourists’ drinks at nightlife venues. They use too much drug / poison. Some die, some just are knocked unconscious and figure it was a bad night of drinking. Maybe some are raped. Maybe some are robbed.
2. Too much pesticide being used to control bed-bugs or other pests. Many believe this to be the case with deaths in a Chiang Mai hotel not long ago.
3. Cleaning agents or some other toxic chemicals being used in close proximity to the rooms – or in the rooms of tourists.
4. Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
5. A bug in the air conditioning system. Remember Legionairres Disease?
6. Unintentional drug overdose.
7. Blowfish – Pufferfish poisoning. The symptoms cause paralysis of muscles, throwing up… and can kill you within 24 hours. Eventually death is caused by the diaphragm muscle refusing to move, causing asphyxiation.
8. Suicide.
9. A serial killer is targeting women on Phi Phi.

There are so many possibilities – but most of them would be found during an autopsy. Hantavirus and a hundred other killer viruses could be culprit. Those work fast and are devastating on the body. These two Canadian girls were found to have bled from the gums. Viper snakes have bites that cause bleeding of the gums, eye sockets, ears, any orifice… but don’t cause throwing up or rash that I know of. Both of the victims in this case had rash and there was evidence of vomiting having taken place in the room.

I can’t think of another animal in Thailand that might cause those symptoms. The pufferfish is a good possibility, though with slightly different symptoms, and I don’t think gums bleed.

Any other possibilities you can come up with that might make sense?