Yamaha Mio – A Very Reliable Motorbike in Thailand

We bought a Yamaha Mio MX or ZX or something, in 2005. We drove that thing into the ground – usually 2 of us on it, and we did many 150km trips on it – 50? More?

When I had open road I was going 115kph, all the time. It was maxed out at that. With two of us on it – we could hit 120 down a hill. We were maxed out every time we rode long distance.

It was at about 80,000 km that the engine died. I think it got low on oil – and it started to seize. I drove slowly and got it to the Yamaha place. For 4,000 THB they redid everything important in the engine – and we drove it another 12,000 km and then gave it to my wife’s older aunt. It runs better than it did new with the engine parts. Not sure what they did, but the power from that little 114cc engine was awesome.

That factored into our decision to buy the latest 2011 (I think, maybe 2010 – but, these colors are nowhere to be seen on the streets yet) Yamaha Mio MX or RR or something. I don’t pay attention to the model since they are all the same engine – just the plastic has changed.

We got a 125cc Mio that is liquid cooled, and not fuel injected – like the hondas. Yamaha tweaked the carb and kept it traditional carb to pass emissions.

The thing is quite powerful. On par with the 135cc Nouvo’s – we’ve rented them. The speeds must be very similar up to 100 kph, but maybe even faster as the Mio is lighter – much lighter.

The seat is lower than the Nouvo – which helps for my vertically challenged wife. Otherwise, I wanted the Nouvo… but, whatever, they are probably just the same engines with more cubic displacement.

If you want a reliable motorbike – get a new Yammy 125cc. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Honda CBR 150r – Yamaha Mio 125 MX & Nouvo 135 lc – Suzuki Raider 150r

Suzuki Raider 150r motorcycle in Thailand

Motorcycles and scooters in Thailand and lots of WTF’s?

Recently we’ve had tragedy hit our Yamaha MIO… the engine seized going up a hill about 3 months back. After it cooled it ran enough to get it to a shop. Bill: $4,500 THB to re-do insides. Don’t ask what. I have a huge receipt with parts. The guy is a friend, he was embarrassed to give it to me. I was just happy it wasn’t 10,000 THB.

Again yesterday – the Yamaha MIO engine died going up a hill. WTF? How did I eat all the oil in a month I wondered? I didn’t… a plastic gear in the MIO crankcase broke – at least 1 piece, probably more, and somehow got into a spot it killed the entire engine. WTF – right? Why are there plastic gears in the Yamaha MIO at all?

I’ve been looking at Honda CBR 150r’s, Yamaha MIO 125 MX’s, Yamaha Nouvo Elegance’s, and what appears to be a CHERRY Suzuki Raider 150r that they tell me is from last year, but matching photos of the instrument panel I think 2005 is more likely (pictured above). There’s like not a scratch on this Suzuki Raider though. Maybe it was modded and the original stuff put on again later? It did have “racing” tires on it that said on the sidewall – don’t take over 120km/hour! WTF? That’s not RACING!

While motorcycle shopping in Thailand I’ve found:

CBR 150r’s – there are 14 used to choose from at one shop, all different years – all the same price – 42,000 THB. WTF? Same price?

CBR 150r’s – new for 69,000 THB there is a black and a blue one. I’ve not looked at more than a couple shops for new ones. This is all I’ve found so far. Supposedly there is a replacement coming soon for the CBR 150r as they are not selling anymore new ones.

MIO MX 125’s – are 51,000 THB new and quite a nice power increase over the old 110 or 115cc MIO like we have.

Nouvo Elegance 135 lc‘s – are 59,000 THB, automatic engines like the MIO and faster than MIO but slower to stop than MIOs. Rubber is much bigger on the Nouvo’s.

Suzuki Raider 150r (only found 1) – they say has 23,000 km and they want 30,000 THB. I even test-drove this one – a rarity in Thailand, and it was amazing… very strong for a 4 stroke – WITH the mechanic on the back you see in the photo above. So we were like 150kg together.

In a past life I had the Honda Nova 25th Anniversary Edition 2-stroke, modded a bit, that SCREAMED. I really wish I could find a new 2-stroke. What’s the chance of that happening? Absolutely zero.

Do I have any motorcycle savvy people reading this blog?

If you can answer any of these questions-  I’d really appreciate it…

1. How long is the projected life of an automatic motorbike? Our MIO is 4 yrs old. It has 80,000+ km on it. Is it ready to be sold as junk?

2. What signs could I look for on the Suzuki Raider 150r to see if it’s been raced? Is there something in the power curve that might tell me? Loose shifting or something? If I saw the spark plug was high performance would that mean this Raider 150r was raced a lot?

3. Anyone know where I can get a year old, maybe 2, Honda CBR 150r? I’d buy that off a farang before buying used at this shop any day, but I can’t find one close by. Saw one in Chiang Mai.

4. Anyone know the true top speed of the Honda CBR 150r? I’ve heard 140 and 160. I think it’s 140. Yes?

5. Were the yellow CBR 150r’s released in Thailand? I’ve seen only 2 of them.

6. Is there a simple mod for the CBR 150 where I could get it up to 160 or so? Simple, simple – like a bolt on exhaust… I don’t want to go without an exhaust so don’t tell me to take it off…

Honday CBR 150r - blue motorcycle in Thailand
Honda CBR 150r. Stole this pic from someone advertising at ThaiVisa.com. He's in Phuket if you want to find him on TV and email him about this one. He didn't respond to my email so I think -sold already.


There are NEW Honda CBR150r FI motorcycles coming to Thailand on October 30th in Bangkok.

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