ADD ADHD Better with Fast or Slow Internet?

I have ADD ADHD pretty solidly and I was just wondering – is it better to have a fast internet connection that can keep up with all the different ways my mind is going – opening 10-20 browser windows at once, or, is it better to have a slow connection?

I’ve had this turtle-slow connection on EDGE now for about 2 years. Prior to that I used ADSL, but it was even slower than EDGE! Currently I’m getting like 15kBps down and 7-10 up. Sometimes I’m blazing and I hit 25 kBps down and 15 up.

I’ve noticed that my ADD ADHD symptoms have not been that bad over these past two years, and while I was attributing it to meditation only, now I think my mind has also slowed down as a result of my slow internet connection.

I find myself actually having patience now as I wait for pages to load. I can even wait for YouTube movies or podcasts to come down and not be flipping out like I was in the USA over slow connections.

I’m supposed to get another ADSL connection this week. Not sure if I should or not. Guess it will be a good comparison to see if it affects me negatively.

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