Asia, Europe Agree on American Dress Code

In order to better distinguish (or, control) Americans traveling in Europe and Asia, an all-night joint meeting of Asians Against Americans (AAA) and Europians That Don’t Like Americans (ETDLA) produced, finally after 3 years of intense debate an agreeable dress code for all Americans traveling overseas.

Curiously in light of the recent attacks on American pride, culture, and nationalism Americans are accepting this dress code, and are even said to be embracing it.

A respected representative from China said,

“We like the new code as it does a few things well. Numba 1, it gives Americans some sense of anonymity despite the obvious change in appearance. We realize Americans are tired of being targets. Numba 2, there is less proud (haughty) talk from the Americans since it is harder to do so and since they wouldn’t know if anyone is around them to talk about themselves with. Aaaand, numba 3, NOW the American’s DON’T know it all and they must rely on people of other cultures – the culture they’re sucking the life out of, I mean, the culture they are living in for a while, for the most simple things… directions to the nearest McDonalds for instance.”

The new dress code is demonstrated below…




Author: Vern

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