Calling Thailand Expat Entrepreneurs – A Meeting

I’d like to find the entrepreneurs in Thailand that are doing something. There are tons of people not doing any sort of business in Thailand, but what I’m looking for are those that have something up and running – something big, something small – no matter.

I’d like to get better networked with more people.

I have a small group of people that I stay in touch with about business ideas, and to whom I can count on for help and to give help to. I want to expand that group.

What I’m thinking about is a meeting in June maybe.

Call it a conference, call it a meeting. It can be a series of meetings where we all get together and share information – and ask questions of each other – and network. Networking – to me – means, get to know someone that might become a friend or partner in business at some point.

I have so many ideas for online businesses that would work in Thailand – and maybe you have some too. Maybe you just need help starting or developing your new business. Whatever it is – we “business-minded” folks should get together and see if anything good results.

If you’re interested in this meeting and have a vote for where it should be held – let me know at:

To be clear… this would be a meeting for any foreigners living in Thailand that are interested in developing an online business, or that currently has an online business.

Anybody interested in this?

Email me –


Author: Vern

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