Catching up on Thaipulse and Internet stuff…

Sorry, I must write about this again since I gave DTAC such a glowing recommendation.

I now think they suck.

The first few days were incredible. I even got the 3G signal on my phone after midnight sometimes. I think maybe they’re testing something late at night. It’s strange since there is not any official word of 3G being anywhere in Thailand yet, but that symbol pops up on the phone where the GPRS and EDGE signals are. It’s quite cool, but it’s a fake since the speeds do NOT go up.

So, DTAC GPRS / EDGE service was great for a couple days but lately it’s gone completely to hell. I switched back to AIS and spend more time at the internet cafe now. Oh, DTAC has a NO REFUND policy for when their internet over phone does suck. They admit it sucked for 4 days – (5 now), and yet they said there is no refund policy for bad service. More Thailand business logic. I’m firmly convinced Thailand is going nowhere at all in business for the next 20 years unless foreigners take over and get something done. It’s so ridiculous as to be outrageous.

Today I got so many things done at the internet cafe that I decided, I’m not selling the thaipulse site and blogs since there is too much good going to happen there in the next 6 months.

Some readers showed interest in buying the site – and a couple offers were reasonable, over 70,000 baht and I guess at this point that is close to what I would have sold for. In 6 months that figure would triple or more.

I finally figured out how to arrange the whole blog network in a way that is the best for Google ranking. I finished that whole process today and I learned a lot.

At the TP network there are about 1000 pages of HTML content focused on Thailand. In 6 months there should be another 500 or so depending on who we add to the network to blog.

One of our future writers is recovering from some bad medicine given to him by a DOCTOR.

One of our future writers is roaming England with only a backpack.

I’ve had a lot of interest from writers that don’t live in Thailand – and I’m sorry, but I don’t see how you’d be able to come up with fresh information 5 times per week that wasn’t copied from someone else’s blog or from the news sources if your’e not living here. SOME could do it, but on the whole – I’m guessing most can’t. I’d rather not have anyone not living here blogging about Thailand unless they have some years of life experience here. Or, maybe they are living back in farang land and they have a Thai wife they brought from Thailand (not bought, brought!). Maybe they can blog about the experiences that they have as a result of culture shock for her…

Ok, that’s it – ThaiPulse won’t be sold for as long as I can handle writing a new article daily.

Jason is kicking big azz on his blogging at Isaan Style… It’s interesting, he has lots of opinion and photos… and it seems like he’s loving it. He might be loving blogging more that me!

Ok, have a great day – it’s cooling off a bit with all this rain and clouds… nice time of year.

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