Did AIS Hose FTP for All Users?

I use AIS EDGE connections from my mobile phone connected to my computer. I get decent speeds – 25kBps and it’s relatively cheap at 49 baht per day. It’s pretty stable, probably even more stable than ADSL lines that I’ve used. It rarely goes offline, and when it does, it’s never more than 2 days before they iron out the problem. In the last year maybe it’s gone offline 4 times for as much as 2 days. Usually 1 day.

Compare that to your Thailand ADSL.

Recently – about 3 days ago I noticed that when I connect by FTP to my web servers I’m getting no directory listing on the remote server side. I see my local server directory, and on the other side -though it’s connected, it shows nothing.

In FireFTP – a freeware plugin for FireFox its completely hosed.

Top right side of FireFTP should display folders and files in root directory...
Top right side of FireFTP should display folders and files in root directory...

Screenshot from FireFTP

When I login to godaddy.com and use their FLASH FTP program… again, completely hosed and I can’t upload or see any files to download from the server.

I downloaded the trial version of SMART FTP – and though I cannot see any files in the remote directory on my web server I can upload files to the root directory if I want…

I have tried many of my godaddy sites and I also tried my Bluehost.com sites – same issue.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Anyone having trouble with FTP using ADLS -  TOT? TTnT? TRUE? DTAC EDGE?

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