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DTAC Happy User's Manual, get one!

DTAC Happy Users Manual

I’ve been meaning to write this up about DTAC “Happy” for about two years now. I’ve used DTAC over the past couple years and usually it’s because they have a little better voice connection where I am – or a faster connection on the internet, or a data (GRPS/EGPRS) tower where AIS doesn’t. It just works out that DTAC is what I use. I just call 1678 and talk to their customer support and tell them I want GPRS for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or whatever. 1 day is currently at 39 baht. Same at AIS where I dial *138*0339# to auto-set-me-up for a 1 day 39 baht deal (wait for SMS telling you you’ve got it before you connect). 

I’ve used AIS in the past – the first 18 months I was in Thailand and they weren’t half bad either. I thought I’d let you know about some services DTAC has that can help you out during  your visit or stay in Thailand.

Most expats that live here know about some of these but maybe there are some you didn’t know about.

1. I got an SMS a month ago that told me to dial 004 before international calls and get them for 4 or 5 baht per minute. For USA I dial: 004 + 1 + area code + 7 digit number. That’s quite a discount off the 9 baht I usually am charged so I wanted to pass this on. I’ve used it on 2 different SIM cards so the offer wasn’t just because I used a lot of minutes on the one SIM and they were giving me some special deal. I think everyone has the same deal until Dec 31, 2008.

2. Have you ever needed a translator in Thailand and not had one available? Me too – first 2 years. DTAC has a service where you dial *1021[call button] and a translator will answer the phone. Tell them what you want to say to the person beside you. Then, hand the person beside you the phone. This helps quite a bit for taxis, in department stores, with your girlfriend, misunderstandings or whatever. There is no extra charge but you pay regular per minute rates – depending which plan you’re on.

3. Need to add baht to your phone and don’t want to run to 7-11? Ask your friend to transfer baht from their phone number to yours. Simply dial: *112*[10 digit recipient’s phone number] * [amount of baht to transfer] *9#[call button] Recipient and sending phone get SMS confirmations of the transfer. You can do this with 20-200 baht up to twice per day. Limit of 400 baht per month. Length of validity (date) does not change because of transfer. 2 baht charge for SMS confirmations.

4. Need to add baht to your phone and don’t have enough baht to call or SMS your friend to tell them to transfer baht to your phone? Emergency call back service will send emergency SMS to the destination number of any mobile network in Thailand (AIS, TRUE, etc) to ask that your friend call you back. Dial:  *114*[10 digit friend phone number]*9#[call button] I think this is free. Can use up to 30 times in a month.

5. Want to borrow 30 baht from DTAC’s Happy Network? Dial: *110*9#[call button] You pay it back on your next refill. If you don’t refill… well, what are they going to do? Just buy another 49 baht SIM if you don’t want to keep that SIM. There are many criteria for this to work. SIM needs activated longer than 90 days or you’ve used >200b. You have at least 1 day of validity and 0-20 baht credit. They charge you 2 baht for the service.

6. SIM card validity expired? You can increase it up to a year for 2 baht for 1 month. Dial: *113*[number of days to request extension for]*9#[call button]

7. Need internet minutes on your phone so you can check email or surf the web? You can connect as long as you have baht. I think the default charge is 1 baht per minute. However, there are other GPRS (data) packages available for much cheaper. I use the 41 baht daily charge where I can use it for unlimited minutes and it seems faster than the 100 hours, 50 hours, 7 day rate, or other packages. Call: 1678 and push “7” I think it is for English. Tell them you want 1 day GPRS or ask them what promotions they have for internet minutes. They’ll send you SMS confirmation when the money is taken from your account and when you are live with the new GPRS service. Cost for call to 1678 is 3 baht per call. Other common mobile phone services DTAC provides… – Check balance: *101*9#[call button] – Check internet (GPRS/EGPRS) minutes: *101*4*9#[call button] –

Refill your credit balance through your Thailand bank ATM. Apply at your bank. Works with these banks:

  • Bangkok
  • Krung Thai
  • Bank of Ayudhya
  • Kasikorn
  • TMB
  • Siam Commercial
  • United Overseas
  • AEON Thana Sinsap
  • Bank Thai
  • Siam City Bank

You can also choose to prepay for service and you get access to some other promotions. You can package together MMS, SMS, long distance, local use, GPRS and everything else for good rates. I think best to stop in at a DTAC store if you can find one and have them show you the promotions and set your phone up to use them. Probably you can just pre-pay your month through the ATM of your bank. All of this information I took from the small Happy “User’s Manual” that comes with th 49baht SIM cards you can get anywhere they sell mobile phones. If you don’t want to print my post out and carry it around – get one of those little manuals and rip out the pages you need. Half is in English. Remarkably.