Google Being Blocked in Thailand?

I cannot go to any search page either by typing it into my address bar, or using the small plugin I have with FireFox.

I can reach Google Adwords, but not Google Adsense.

I can reach Google webmaster tools.

WTF Thailand? You know, one of the things that seriously pisses off the entire country (or maybe just me), is that internet here is ridiculously lame in comparison even with other 3rd world countries. It’s outrageously FAIL every few days.

Right now I’m watching my TOT ADSL modem flash as it has been for the last 36 hours – because, apparently the wind is blowing somewhere. Yeah, no joke – when the wind blows or when it rains hard – ADSL across the entire country goes out.

This is why wireless 3G, 4G or some fucking G is so important to those of us sweating it out trying to stay connected in this god forsaken technology backward country.

I’m using EDGE – mobile phone connection over AIS – the most consistent internet that exists in the whole damn country. It’s slow like 1998 dial up connections over a phone line in America – but, that’s what this country offers… solid EDGE performance.

Welcome to Thailand – don’t forget to purchase your AIS SIM card for your phone as you arrive in the country – it’s the most solid internet the entire country offers to visitors and countrymen. Get to love it… mai pen rai…

Complete guide to setting up internet over your mobile phone >

Author: Vern

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5 thoughts on “Google Being Blocked in Thailand?”

  1. Hello Vern, I’m happy to read that you’ve found a way to get back to Google. Internet speeds not great here in the Philippines,but,sounds light years ahead of Thailand.

  2. and what’s really sad, is that the Thai people don’t know they have the lamest internet connections in the known world.. They actually believe that they are up there near the #1 slot. They don’t have a clue. And they don’t believe you when you try and explain to them what every one else out here has. They don’t think it’s possible for them to be that far behind everyone else. I am here in Phoenix Arizona now, and the Thai people that live here just shake their heads at their fellow Thai’s back home. :-)

    1. Maybe so Bill, Maybe so! There are Thais in Phoenix? Wow. Can you get a decent Som Tam? Yum Woonsen? Lahp? One thing I fear about returning to the USA is not having ENOUGH Thai people around me to take care of my food cravings. Either my wife will have to cook full-time or we’ll need to live near a large population of Buddhist temples and Thai markets so I can get my daily fix. I think I couldn’t survive on farang food anymore. Spoiled… really spoiled now.

  3. I had the exact same problem yesterday and it took me hours to figure it out. Basically Google re-routed me to their local address at, and it kept timing out.

    Here’s how I fixed it:

    Control Panel
    Network Connections
    Choose the connection you’re using
    Right-click Properties
    Internet Protocol
    Use the following DNS Server Addresses (from

    1. Thanks for writing Ruang… I figured it was DNS issue too – because I use Google’s Open DNS and and I think the ISP’s in Thailand don’t like it… so they block Google in retaliation I guess? No idea… I just reverted back to regular DNS – AUTO – and everything worked again.

      So, Open DNS is working now for you? Ok, maybe I’ll try that…

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