Happy New Year 1 Out of 3

Thailand has 3 New Years, this one that just occurred is celebrated the least. Still there were some fireworks and drunkenness to usher in 2009.

I actually stayed up until 12:30am on the 1st, a rarity for me. Chalk it up to an amazing Batman Dark Knight. I was not expecting to be entertained in the least as I thought all the Batmans sucked up to this point. This one was directed by Christopher Nolan. Isn’t that the guy that did MEMENTO and FOLLOWING?

I think so – if not, no worries. Whoever did this did a great job. I rarely get into fantasy type stuff – and this one was good.

I’ve got good things in store for my online projects for the new year. At last count I have 19 websites/blogs. Recently there was a Google Pagerank update and I have many sites with Pagerank 3’s and a 4, a 5 and even a 6 at my blogs – more about that at a later post.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my Youtube Thailand Travel Channel lately. I think producing tons of videos people can watch is interesting – more so than writing, and I’m already writing more places than I’d care to. As luck has it – my PR 4-6 blogs are going to see the most attention.

If you have a blog focused on Thailand that is well made (wordpress or other high-level format) and you aren’t blanketing your site in advertisements I may link to your site from my Thailand PR 6 and PR 5 sites. Just send me an email and tell me about your site.

I wish everyone a great new year… If you blog – put up lots of great content.

Author: Vern

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