Letter to HP Support: Re: My Junk Hard Drive

Update to story below:

Amporn Dancharoen in Bangkok, an HP employee responded to my pleas for help over Twitter after being contacted by Frostola, a social media employee of HP on Twitter in the USA. Amporn handled everything to my satisfaction and I have a new hard drive installed and for much less money than I thought. I’ve no more complaints…! I’ve been using the Mini for everything I do as it’s very lightweight and powerful enough to do what I need to do.

I’ve bought, used and was a technician for, HP hardware for many years now. I can’t count the number of computers I’ve bought and definitely not how many I’ve worked on when I was a break/fix technician with GTE in Tampa, Florida. HP has great support in the USA. I loved it. I could have parts next day aired to me without problem all the time. Daily even.

Here in Thailand I bought an HP Mini 1001tu for sale at the computer shop. The keyboard is amazing for a 10″ netbook and I was sold on that, and the 60GB hard drive… WIFI, etc.

The junk hard drive died in 4 weeks. I removed it -because I had over 100 passwords on it and couldn’t risk sending it to support. I realize the warranty is void at that point – and frankly didn’t care at all. A 3000 baht hard drive is worth much less than access to every online account I’ve ever had that was on that password list.

I took the HP Mini to the local HP computer shop which is also the place I bought it from. After a week they reported that it would be 3 months to wait for a hard drive. That was entirely unacceptable and so I took the computer back.

I have been trying to find a hard drive now for another 2 weeks. I’ve talked to support in Thailand and USA – by email. I have looked and looked. Nobody has the hard drive. I need the hard drive sent from America apparently.

I will set my hp mini on fire and jump on it for a YouTube video if I don’t hear from the right person.


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6 thoughts on “Letter to HP Support: Re: My Junk Hard Drive”

  1. So the external cd drives can be used to reformat the new hard drive? I read somewhere that the USB’s wouldn’t recognize the ext. cd drive when a blank hard drive is installed. Please respond~!

    1. Well – not sure how he did it – they might ghost the hard drives at the shop. He was looking for my dvd/cd external drive like he was going to use it on the newly installed hard drive – but, they might have ghosted dos and drivers onto the drive so it would recognize optical drive.

      In the BIOS there is a selection for choosing boot off CD – so, apparently drivers are built in.

      Maybe? lol – not sure the right answer to your Q.

  2. Everything is good… problem solved thanks to Frostola on Twitter (social media employee at HP) and Amporn Dancharoen in Bangkok, HP employee.

  3. Update: Today I received a SMS text message from HP support in Thailand. They have researched my computer’s history and found that dropped the computer off at a hardware shop and then it went to Phuket to be fixed. It was while the computer was there that I was told it would be 3 months to replace the hard drive.

    This woman, Amporn, is on the ball and seems like she will really help. That’s great! What happened was to reach this point was that I twittered about the problem and someone named frosty@hp.com (twitter.com/frostola on twitter) saw my twit I think – and he contacted someone in Thailand – or put a general help call in for someone to contact me.

    Now I’ve been contacted. Still unsure what to do in order to get a new hard drive…. waiting on another email from Amporn.

    Thank you Amporn for contacting me!

    Thank you Frosty@hp.com for getting the ball rolling.

    1. Another update: 2/20/09 a HP Tech came from Phuket to put the hdd in the computer. He didn’t bring an external cd drive – so gave him the HP mini and he’ll return it in 7-10 days with windows xp installed and running smoothly. I hope. So far, not bad. Anything is better than 3 months wait and 10,000 baht. Oh – they reduced the price to 2,695baht since that’s what Phuket HP told me it would be originally. More updates later…

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